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NWI Monthly Update: June (2019)

New West Indies Monthly Update: June
Volume I, Issue IV

Welcome back to the Monthly Update

Hello again, nations of the New West Indies!

We've had quite the eventful summer. Coupled with unprecedented growth, and new nations entering the fold, our region has prospered more than ever before. It's a wonderful sight to see new members of our community.

If you haven't already, join our region's Linkdiscord! There, you can find the best our community has to offer – socializing, great memes, General Assembly discussions, vexillological work, and more!

We had our first official region-wide cultural event this month! It was a blast. See "Recent Activity" for more information.

Remember that the writing (unless stated otherwise) in these issues is the product of Karteria unless specified otherwise. Contact me if you have any comments, concerns, and/or suggestions for the next issue.

I am also making this update open for advertisements.

Important Announcements

Office of the Secretary-General

  • The official Secretariat Agenda has been posted; view it to see the direction the government will take regarding regional affairs

  • New Roleplay regulations are being discussed in the General Assembly

    • In that vein, war roleplay is being suspended until we find someone new to run the Current Battles system

State of the Region

Bureau of Regional Statistics Report

June saw a jump in nominal population growth, with the region increasing by 12% (up from 5% last month), equalling the projected rate. It is projected to increase again by 12% next month.

Real population (non-puppets) increased by a whopping 20% (up from 13% last month). It is projected to increase by 17% next month.

Following two more elections, the overall electoral voter participation rate sits at 59% (62% for Secretary-General and 54% for General Assembly President).

June had a 33% poll participation rate, down 1% from last month. That is still projected to increase to 43% next month based on our limited data.

Upcoming Events

    There are no upcoming events at this time. If you want to announce an event on here, contact Karteria.

New Citizens

Department of Internal Affairs

Make sure to welcome Detroiteastan, Mormon theocracy of texas, NewStettin, Oyelowo, PotaTown, Sindhusthan, Syrilonia, The jewish levant, The Sakura Nippon, and Twelve Titans to the New West Indies! They all joined the region in June.

Some of them have already begun to become a force in the region, whether it be through roleplay activity, the General Assembly, or regional government. We are happy to have them here.

Recent Activity

Roleplay (IC)

Deugaw's government started producing chemical and nuclear weapons, which resulted in a severe backlash from the international community. The government eventually reversed the policy.

Space colonization increased, as Portinabia claimed Triton, New mexico azteca began colonizing sections of Mars, Volirum claimed Ganymede, and Cymiopolis expanded its settlements on Callisto. See Space Claims for more information.

New Sistonia experienced a civil war that resulted in the establishment of a Monarchy.

Cymiopolitan Celestial Extractions is now open for business.


An Embassy Policy has been been finalized by the Department of Foreign Affairs; it shall generally dictate our decisions regarding embassies with other regions.


Two elections occurred this month.

The third Secretary-General election took place from June 14 – 17, in which Karteria was elected with 20 votes. The runner-up was Canilu (16 votes), while Samarino and Farechia received no votes. This was the second electoral victory for Karteria (who also achieved the WA Delegacy). Canilu has run for every Secretary-Generalship so far, winning one out of three elections.

[Full BRS Report on the SecGen election]

The sixth General Assembly Presidential election took place from June 25 – 26, in which Roussillon was reelected with 10 votes. The runner-up was Thyostega (8 votes), and candidates PotaTown (7 votes), Samarino (3 votes), and Volirum (3 votes) also ran. Roussillon was the first President and first incumbent in any election to be reelected; this term will be his second overall.

Other Events

The first Regional Flag Competition took place from June 14 – 21, and it was a smashing success! It determined our brand new flag, which was made by New United Carolinas, one our foremost experts on flag-making. Overall, there were five entries.

New Resources

    Make sure to check out the Master Dispatch and the Roleplay Information documents (linked at the bottom of the page) to see all available resources provided by the New West Indies!



Office of the Secretary-General

States the Secretariat Agenda and other updates from the Office

Department of Foreign Affairs

States the Embassy Policy and other information relevant to the DFA

NationStates Resource Repository

All resources from around NationStates (and other sites) is compiled here for your use

Political Questionnaires

Questions candidates on relevant information for elections

Asamblea General de New West Indies (Español)

A Spanish Version of the General Assembly members list




Other Creations


The NWI... if it were a Baseball Team

A depiction of the region in a baseball setting – created by Karteria

Meme of the Month

    While there were multiple worthy competitors, the winner of April's "Meme of the Month" is Achipel (as voted by the public), who oozes comedy gold:

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Produced by the Secretary of Administration
Published: July 5, 2019
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