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The Assembly voting thread lists the time in UTC, what does it mean?

LinkCoordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the primary time standard used throughout the world. The Assembly, for the purposes of consistency, has adopted UTC as its official timezone.

What matters are currently being discussed in the Assembly?

For a list of current discussions taking place, please view the LinkAssembly’s Main Chamber. The threads with the latest posts are located near the top of the sub-forum.

Additionally, there may be sensitive issues being discussed in the LinkPrivate Halls of the Assembly. However, while the Main Chamber is open to the public, the Private Halls is for Legislators-only.

Where can I locate the laws of the South Pacific?

The text of all forum-side legislation is available in the LinkMATT-DUCK Law Archive. A list of legislation is also presented in dispatch-form in the MATT-DUCK Archive dispatch.

As the Local Council is government of the game-side community, it maintains a separate legislative framework with Local Council policies located here.



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