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NBC News Report : 03rd Jully 2019

End of hostilities


The Right Honourable George MacRon welcoming the troops
Last week's news from the ongoing conflict in Kagun are excellent. The southernmost rebel compound has surrendered itself to the victorious 6th Airborne Brigade, thus ending hostilities. In a hasty retreat, the rebel command was finally intercepted before the border and captured. After 1 year and 172 days of perpetual conflict, the rebels have now laid down their weapons and in every city in the country, the local police are already thinking of organizing the post-war period by securing humanitarian convoys. The government announced two days ago in a press release that the repatriation of military personnel engaged in operation "Vladivostok Dawn" would be organized as soon as possible. So already nearly 1,200 men have put their foot back on land, landing yesterday morning at Nelwis Air Base. Today, the Prime Minister himself hailed the return of the fighters in a grand official ceremony. The government congratulated the forces and applauded their action. The public opinion that has forced parliament for months to request a repatriation of troops seems filled by this long-awaited victory. The communication of the majority party was therefore exemplary during these difficult times, and as the legislative elections approached, the social-democratic party seems once again to have demonstrated its strength in the polls. The conciliatory responses of the Prime Minister and his party to public opinion in recent months on the issue of the Kagunian conflict has raised the Democratic Social Union by 10% in the polls. In the last months of the conflict, nearly 60,000 refugees fleeing Kagun at war sought asylum from the immigration authorities. The opposition is quite helpless against the rise in power of the majority group and can only play the immigration card. The fear of a new crisis of terrorism such as experienced at the beginning of the conflict is the new subject of debate in the House of Commons and the opposition intends to use this debate to articulate a new program focusing on border control. Thus the opposition, especially the Nanako First right radical party might try to rally undecided electors concerned about their potential safety. Moreover, the Opposition could also surf on the debate on Nanako's imperialism : whether helping Kagun was a fully generous act or it was an actual way for Nanako to expend its small sphere of influence. By adopting a critical point of view towards government foreign policies, they might gather a few more points in the polls, reaching those who were disappointed in Nanako's lack of neutrality. The following weeks of debate sure will be determinating for 2020 elections.
"Nanako needs to find it's righteous path back. We are exposing ourselves to insecurity if we carry on throwing bombs in some other country internal affairs, literally."
- Oda Kiyomata, N.F. MP (Opposition)

- Inatakuwa Huroita for NBC News

Copyright NBC, 2019

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