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The Followers of Osiris || Endorsement Program

The Followers of Osiris

Dear residents of Osiris,

In order to promote the safety and strength of Osiris, the Pharaoh has called upon the residents and citizens of Osiris to take part in our new Endorsement program. The Followers of Osiris aims to reward residents, citizens, and members of the Sekhmet Legion for their involvement in Endorsement Swapping, Military Service, or both!

Below the Osiris Gameside Affairs team has compiled how to participate and the awesome badges you can get from participating.

How To Participate

  • All nations desiring to participate in the Endorsement Program must either be endorsing the Pharaoh or enlisted in the Sekhmet Legion, our regionís raider military. Check out how to Join the WA here and LinkThe Sekhmet Legion!

  • Residents who reach 35 or more endorsements without breaking the Endorsement Cap will be given the title of Nomarch and a specialized badge denoting their service to the region. Their nation name will also be listed in a dispatch alongside others who have gained the title of Nomarch.

  • Citizens who remain at 55 or more endorsements without breaking the Endorsement Cap for 3 months will be given the title of Mir, another specialized badge, and their placement in a Dispatch alongside others who have gained the title of Mir.

  • Enlisted members of the Sekhmet Legion will automatically gain the title of Nomarch upon enlisting in the Sekhmet reserves or completing one 1 raid, and will receive the title of Mir after participating in 5 raids.

  • This will be checked alongside our weekly endorsement check audits, so the badges and titles will only be given out once a week.

Here is our helpful guide on how to gain endorsements

If you wish to participate but donít understand anything, or just have any general questions, please telegram or dm the Gameside Affairs Vizier. Currently, thatís Lukatonia. Donít forget to join our LinkRegional Forums and LinkDiscord if you havenít already! Also give a special thanks to Khairu for the awesome badges!