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Freedom of speech and Dangines Position on Hate Speech

"It's freedom of speech, not freedom of some speech" - Pete Dangine

You can probably tell Dangines position on hate speech by that. Almost all speech is allowed in Dangine expect for something like shouting fire in a crowded area. Rarely ever in Dangine will someones speech cause so much harm to a person that they have difficulty living their life. People act rude and mean a lot in Dangine but they act extremely kind more often than they do mean. 

In Dangine there are no Hate Speech laws. Hateful speech does not count as Discrimination in Dangine. This is due to political freedom being very important in Dangine and Hate Speech is seen as a form of Censorship.

Platforms (Something like Facebook or twitter) that are in Dangine may not censor it's users, however if the platform is from a different country Dangine cannot do anything. 

"How is it acceptable in some democracies for companies to censor people but the government can not?" - Pete Dangine

The Socialist Republic of Dangine