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All-Tulovian Gridiron League

Всетуловская Лига Гридиронов
All-Tulovian Gridiron League


Tulovian gridiron


March 19th, 2000

Inaugural Season


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The All-Tulovian Gridiron League (ВТЛГ/VTLG) is a Tulovian gridiron league consisting of 31 teams, and is the largest sports league within the United Socialist States of Tulov. The ВТЛГ is a private all-volunteer organization originating from the city of Edessatsyn, formed on March 19th, 2000, as a coalition of gridiron teams from throughout southwestern Tulov. The league has since grown to have a team in almost all of the original Tulovian Socialist States, and has begun to spread into the newer states. The ВТЛГ has organized and continues to organize gridiron games throughout the nation, and any team in the nation may request admission to the ВТЛГ, though acceptance is not guaranteed.

Tulovian gridiron originated in the mid-1800s, becoming a major sport in the nation by the early 1900s. With the end of the Tulovian Kingdom, professional sports fell out of favor and public opinion turned to viewing Tulovian Gridiron, along with all other sports, as a mere hobby. As such, most team players work regular jobs when not playing, though some more prominent teams have been able to survive off donations from their fans via fundraisers by the ВТЛГ and its associates, as well as their team websites.

A traditional Tulovian gridiron field is 50 meters in width and 120 meters in length, with a rugged field and minimal padding, and under lenient rules of full contact. Serious injuries are not uncommon in the sport, and though rare, death on the field has occured.