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Seraph Interview

Seraph Interview

Agalaesia (Ag): What has it felt like to be the Delegate of TSP?

Seraph (Se): It has been a privilege but sadly, also this term, a bit of a burden. The issues with the changing nature of the RMB community weighed heavily on me and I didn't see a clear path through the storm that had generated. Despite being in the most powerful position in the region, I felt kinda powerless to deal with the conflicting elements of individual personalities and larger community groups, as well as what was appropriate and what was necessary for that part of the region to work as part of the whole. I'm still not fully happy with where we are and can take little credit for getting us even this far.

Ag: What are you most proud of doing as Delegate?

Se: I'm most proud of two things, really. Firstly, my endotarting and taking the region to a record high delegate endorsement count again. Secondly, it would have to be maintaining, even in the midst of what you might term "Floofgate", the respect of the majority of the active community and remaining someone people can turn to for advice and support. I'd have liked the opportunity to do more of that, actually, but I found it very difficult to remain an active part of the RMB. :(

Ag: What do you think TSP's next steps should be?

Se: Our next step should be to finalise the resolution on declaring the region Defender, vote on it and, if successful, push that forward in our interactions with new players and gameplay at large. We have a chance to really influence the next generation of players across the game and I think we should go for it!

Ag: Why do you feel that the RMB community respects you, and can turn to you for advice?

Se: I say that in the basis of the interactions I've had with RMBers, which has, on the whole, been of that nature.

Ag: Do you think that being an RMBer is vital to being a good Delegate? What do you hope the next Delegate will do to improve TSP at a gameside level?

Se: Whilst being a part of any individual part of our community (aside from the Assembly) isn't strictly necessary for a Delegate to perform their basic function, I prefer a Delegate who is willing to interact, or, at the very least, reach out to the different subsections of TSP. In particular I'd like to see a stronger relationship between the Delegate and the LC, using the Delegate position to provide some continuity between successive Local Councils.

Ag: How do you think Delegates can reach out successfully to several dichotomous groups within TSP?

Se: Mainly by making the effort, being friendly and approachable and showing an openness to understanding areas of the game she or he might not be familiar with.

Ag: Finally, the two elephants in the room! Who was your favourite Delegate (aside from yourself); and who do you hope will be Delegate?

Se: Tsunamy and Romyraveepee. :P