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The current relationships of the Armada and aboard.




The Dionovain Tribes

Protectorate Overlords

The Dionovain Tribes are a protectorate of the Armada. The Armada provides protection against those wishing to weaponize Dionov's unique fauna, trade, and technology until Dionov can protect itself. In exchange the Armada has full control of their diplomacy and internal affairs. Though the Armada has in little interest in governing a planet so they have almost complete autonomy.

The Fairvisk Empire


No one can figure out if they hate or love each other.

The Galactic Federation

Apathetic Founding "Member"

Becuase of the Armada's close relationship with the founders of the Federation, the Zravisk have a guaranteed seat in its charter. However, by the time of its founding the Armada had entered its isolationist phase and despite technically being a member since its founding, have a perfect nonattendance record. Because of this record, the Federation doesn't care that one of its "members" follows little to none of its decisions.

The Krirken Swarm


The Swarm is xenophobic and many of their citizens have been found trying to sneak to or from Dionov. Considering the Swarm's love for genetic engineering and weaponizing fauna, it can be assumed they were there for bioweapons research. While the Swarm clams that they were rouge actors, the Armada have their doubts that rouge factions would send as many as they've caught.