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Isabella II

Queen Of Portugal And Other Commonwealth Realms, Isabella II

Queen Of Portugal

Her Royal Majesty

Isabella II

Queen Of Portugal

Queen Of Brazil
Queen Of Angola
Queen Of Mozambique
Queen Of Guinea-Bissau
Queen Of Cape Verde
Queen Of São Tomé and Príncipe


Her Royal Majesty(Formal)
Your Majesty(In-formal)






22:8:1996 (a.23)





Net Worth

$857.22 million
753.04 million escudos

Full Name

Joanna Isabella Miguel Carlos de Lizza e Avis




Charles IV


Emmanuella De Lizza

University Of Lisbon
(MOS-Master Of Studies)


Roman Catholic Christianity

"Together, the Commonwealth Of Portugal shall achieve its dream of world peace and co8operation through cooperative and necessary means"
- Isabella II.

Isabella II(born Joanna Isabella Miguel Carlos de Lizza e Avis) is the current Queen Of Portugal.She ascended to the throne upon the abdication of her father, Charles IV on the 20th of March 2017.

Early Life

Isabella was born on 22 August 1996 to king Charles IV of Portugal and Emmanuella De Lizza, a wealthy Portuguese aristocrat.Baptized as Joanna Isabella Miguel Carlos de Lizza e Avis, she is the eldest out of her 3 siblings and was automatically proclaimed heir apparent a day after she was born.

Since she was born at exactly 10:30 p.m. local time, the official announcement was to wait until the next day for the mass public to hear.Soon enough, on 9 a.m., the short announcement attracted a large crowd outside Ribeira Square which resulted in mass celebrations and cheering in the light of Portugal's future queen regnant, the 2nd to rule Portugal after 320 years succeeding Anne I who previously reigned during the years 1679 until 1724.

Crown Princess Of Portugal

As heir apparent, Isabella's mother specifically wanted for her to be locally educated so that she could be exposed fully to the "cultural values of a Portuguese".Nevertheless, Isabella was schooled abroad under the care of one of her distant uncles until she graduated high school.However, she only spent 5 years studying in the US at the Holley-Navarre Primary School before moving to the UK and completing her education in the LinkKingsbury High School.She took a special interest in equestrianism, following an unexpected setback after modelling for a year at the age of 14.In all, she scored promising grades on most of her examinations.She then went on to further her studies at the local University Of Lisbon, consequently graduating with a MOS, fulfilling her mother's wish.However, it was not without huge difficulties as Isabella had restarted her modelling career at the same time, as such facing initial problems in dividing her time between her modelling and university work.In response, her modelling agency allowed for her to be accompanied by a private tutor during her occasional tours.

In a particular incident during her visit to the US to congratulate Republican nominee, Donald Trump following his inauguration as President, Isabella was allegedly, according to some close sources, "sexually assaulted" in private during one of the former's inaugural balls.Nevertheless, in favour of maintaining the bilateral relations between the two countries, she aborted all accusations and left back for Portugal 2 days prior to the official entourage which hosted the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa followed suit.In accordance, she never chose to recount the alleged incident.

Queen Of Portugal

Upon her father's abdication due to serious health on 21 March 2017, Isabella who was reportedly in Sweden visiting the royal family of Sweden, was requested back to Portugal minutes after the abdication became official, and was sworn in as Queen on the next day at Belém Palace.Outstandingly, her coronation ceremony garnered the largest amount of views across all streaming platforms in Portugal with an estimated amount of 92% of the total population.Her coronation ceremony was also attended by her Spanish and French relatives, Ferdinand IV of Spain from the Spanish Trastamara branch and Louis XVII of the French Navarre branch.

It was disclosed that a day before her coronation, while en-route back to Portugal in her private plane, she was asked by the Royal Secretary Of State regarding her future regnal name, and in a split second, she chose the name "Isabella II" instead of her first name, Joanna.She later said that it was to honor her ancestor, the great Isabella Of Castile who alongside Ferdinand II Of Aragon laid the foundations of a modern and united Spain in the Reconquista.

Portuguese Commonwealth

During her early days as queen, Isabella made use of her expertise in economics.Evidently, she is believed to have been a fiscal conservative as reducing government spending, particularly in the arms sector is one of her main ideals.Believing that her policies could be shared alongside Portugal's allies, she opted for an international body consisting of Portugal and her former colonies, mirroring the British Commonwealth Of Nations.This decision then consequently led to the proposal of a Portuguese Commonwealth on 3 August 2017.The proposal which had since sparked the longest conference session among Parliament members was finally ratified on 22 August, which coincided with the Queen's 21st birthday.

Under Isabella, Portugal became a founding member of the Portuguese Commonwealth, formally known as "The Commonwealth of the Portuguese Community".Upon her own initiative and the parliament's approval, it was officially ratified on the 22nd of August 2017, comprising Portugal and 6 other nations.


    • National Defense Policy

    • Social Welfare Policy

    • South Atlantic Ocean Economical Cooperation(SAOEC) Policy

    • Controlled Immigration Policy

    • Portuguese-Spanish Economical Cooperation(PSEC) Policy

    Personal Information

    Isabella, as a young monarch was said to have been rather open and public about her royal life, having formerly documented multiple Q&A videos taken in a span of a month following her coronation back in 2017.Regarding her role as a constitutional monarch, she had loudly labelled herself as an "enlightened constitutional despot".

    Isabella is an occasionally active fashion model as of now.Evidenced by her first modelling career at the age of 14 with American-based company Wilhelmina Kids & Models, she made a promising start but soon dropped out following unspecified reasons.Four years later, she re-entered the world of modelling on 2017, having being signed to IMG Models.Then, she was officially signed under the British lingerie brand, Boux Avenue, later going on to become a successful model of the brand and an active promoter of its products.Despite having not made any official statements regarding her promising career with the brand, she has since diligently advocated for the brand's progress and appeared in various photoshoots.

    However, her most notable feat was the controversial March 30th photoshoot, in which she appeared "risqué" on the British Vogue's March 2017 cover, standing and flashing a flirtatious smile, while donning a black pair of her signature Boux Avenue lingerie with a matching robe that covered the left side of her body whilst revealing the other.In an interview regarding the incident around a week later, she stated that it was meant as a "semi-sexy gimmick" for her post-coronation as queen and that she had reached out to the British fashion magazine for assistance.Consequently, her infamous photoshoot earned her sponsor brand, Boux Avenue a surprising amount of increase in sales of its lingeries, specifically the black coloured ones.

    Isabella enjoys equestrianism and had once talked about representing Portugal for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

    Personal Trivia

  • She is the first ever queen regnant of Portugal according to the country's hundred years records.

  • When Isabella's regnal name was announced to the public, some sources ridiculed her decision as there was no previous queen regnant of neither Portugal or the former Iberian Union that assumed the same name.Adressing the issue, she stated that she chose to use the regnal name "Isabella II" in honor of Isabella I Of Castille who she considered as a "queen of Portugal" due to direct links with the current Portuguese royal family.

  • She is currently the youngest reigning monarch in the world, with a gap of only 4 years between herself and 2nd youngest, King Rukidi IV of Toro.

  • Despite being a constitutional monarch, she is one of the few who still retains wide executive powers such as in Morocco, Jordan, etc.As a result, her total net worth amount, as of now is roughly $857.22 million.

    Titles & Honours

    Styles Of Queen Isabella II

    Reference Style:Her Majesty
    Spoken Style:Your Majesty
    Alternative Style:Ma'am

    • 22 August 1996-22 March 2017:Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess Of Portugal, Joanna

    • 22 March 2017-Present:Her Royal Majesty The Queen Of Portugal


      • :Sovereign (Grand Master) - Royal Order Of Charles I

      • :Sovereign (Grand Master) - Royal Order Of Philip II

      • :Sovereign (Grand Master) - Knight Grand Cross of the Order Of Saint Michael Of The Wing


      "Together, the Commonwealth Of Portugal shall achieve its dream of world peace and cooperation through cooperative and necessary means"

      "It is our duty to realize that we do not share the burden of this world alone, it is to be shared with others in favour of mutual and genuine cooperation"


      Official portrait of Isabella II

      Isabella donning a black tuxedo in an informal event celebrating her coronation as Queen Of Portugal

      Isabella's photoshoot picture, dated 3 July 2018

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