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by The Don't You Forget About Me of Eripolis. . 108 reads.

One thing to say

I'm talking to you, TNP members.

You think I'm some sort of troll. A well known one. One who's evil, and who wants to "destroy the name of the most democratic region in NS".

Well I am not a troll.

I'm a nobody. A hobo, a drifter with nothing to lose. You think you can damage my reputation. I have none. I never had one outside of TNP. If you think you can hurt my chances of starting over, think again.

You, on the other hand... you're the most powerful region in NS, and the largest and most influential. You control the WA. You turn what is supposed to be a democratic institution into just another window for you to project your power from.

You favor your old players, particularly. I won't name anyone, but I will say that they have done many bad things... and yet they got away with it. Flaming/flamebaiting, trolling, badmouthing, insulting, godmoding- not a finger was lifted to those players simply because they were long-time players, and you knew that if you did something about it, they would hate you. And yet, when a new or relatively young nation calls out those issues they get banned, and you use that sort of threat to silence opposition. You banned me for making a joke-a joke, for Christ's sake, and I meant nothing in that joke-and you took it as an opportunity to ban me and silence me, the flimsiest reason for a ban short of banning for the sake of banning.

You invade a lot, seemingly. Your NPA invaded yesterday's featured region as a trophy.

You claim to be democratic, yet the moderators of Strangereal rule the map-the Delegate holds little power. The SR mod team is an oligarchy, with members chosen by existing members.

If I was still allowed into you so-called "region", then I would stay silent about it, and would constantly praise your "democracy" for good deeds it may or may not have done. But I'm banned now, so, again, I have nothing to lose. Badmouth me, I don't care. Telegram regions that I've never even been to, and call me a "lying cat", a "troll", a "traitor". I am none of those things. If anything, the first two apply to your region: a region that is willing to go to extreme lengths in order to save their reputation and paint themselves as the good guys, instead of bucking up and admitting their mistakes and trying to fix them. Just like what the USSR under Stalin did: kill people for no reason whatsoever and then paint yourselves as a force of democracy. Tell me, if you really were democratic, then why are you so concerned about losing your status as the most powerful and influential region in NS?

No one knows me. Those that do barely know me at all. Your region, on the other hand, is well-known all over NS; no one can deny your existence. One blow to my reputation and nothing happens: I'll still be a nobody. One blow to your reputation and your region would fall into chaos; people would leave en mass, and your reputation will suffer a severe blow.

Your region is seemingly filled with jerks. There are good people there, of course, but it's primarily because TNP is a feeder region where new nations are founded. Many of the people there are habitual bullies, intimidating others into doing what they say.

Go on ahead, badmouth me. Keep painting me as the deceitful, lying, sadistic, moronic coward you make me out to be. Ramp up those efforts in order to achieve your ultimate goal, which is one of the following two things:
1. You upset me to the point where I leave the game and my nation CTE's.
2. You flamebait me to the point where NS mods intervene and delete me.

All because I made a joke. A joke. Just let that sink in for a moment. You were waiting for the perfect moment to strike, and to launch your campaign of defamation. When I uncovered one of your posts in TSP, the third region I moved to, saying that I was a hostile, sadistic cat, a fellow Southerner pointed out that they had known me for being just your garden-variety John Doe, and that they were instead going to think the best instead of taking the word of someone they had never met. You, unwilling to let yourselves lose, came on and dismissed that assumption, the assumption that I was just a guy that happened to be in TSP, as merely an attempt by me to redeem myself in your eyes. That is quite possibly the dirtiest trick you can pull, defaming me and lying about who I am.

I am not going to lie: I was toxic after I lost a war on SR and got ejected, and rightly so. But when I made a joke after a month of not badmouthing your region, you took it too far and banned me. And you accused me of being anti-furry. Who cares at all about that?! I don't like furries! So what?!

Keep strongarming me into leaving NS, especially when the NS mods lack sufficient evidence to delete me. Go right on ahead! No matter how hard you try, I will keep playing this game and will keep talking to other nations, whether you like it or not!