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Intriguing or Captivating or Respectworthy NSers (in one yandere lady's opinion)

[list to be added]

(Disclaimer: this list does not pay attention to the current Popular NS Politics. So if you see someone on this list that you don't recognize or wonder "Who?" That's because I found traits in them that were not publicly seen. There are talented and brilliant and kind hermits too, who keep to themselves. Such as pure issue-answerers who I interviewed when I noticed a peculiar way they answer their issues- leading to finding out about other fascinating actions they did. Or a player who used to be famous/innovative 10 years ago for their revolutionary actions, but is entirely forgotten by everyone else by now. Etc. )
(Disclaimer 2: Not everyone included here is my friend. Many of my friends are not added here; and I also added people I never met. This list is not unbiased though. )
(Disclaimer 3: I use the word "amazing" to almost everyone here, that doesn't take away the effect; there's just not many words in the English vocabulary. And further, each "amazing" does not mean the *same* kind of "amazing," there are different kinds of amazement-worthy aspects.)

Imperium Anglorum - Amazing writer, radical/surprising, unafraid to take risks and test the tides/water. Achieved his accomplishments and reputation in the WA. Not afraid to step out of line/risk it to try new things. Definitely can think outside the box, despite being one of the stone-setters in the WA (his niche.) And manages to run a whole, well-organized region (Europe), at that. Also Europe's Delegate for 1137+ days. (I didn't even play NS this long)

2. August - RETIRED. Still one of the most amazing writers page=dispatches/nation=august
What did I use to describe him? The 100-legged Octopus, who created and ran 8 significantly large regions simultaneously during his prime. For 8 years and a NS military atop of that. And the best NS bot in existence (better than regular Discord bots too.)

3. ok for fairness, i need to add a female here T_T halp

4. help me find them

[list to be added]


this list is gnna be long
(Telegram me if you have suggestions to this list!)