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Type: Public Limited Liability Company
Industry: Airport operation
Founded: 22 Juny 2019
Headquarters: Carthage Airport
Area served: Pheonisland
Key people: Pontius Eustorgios (CEO)

Revenue : 509.4 million
Operating income: 81.8 million
Net income: 51.4 million
Owner: Phoenician state 100%
Number of employees: 1,610


Phoenixavia, is a public limited company owned fully by the Phoenician government. Phoenixavia, is responsible for maintaining and developing its 20 airports around Pheonisland.

Phoenixavia's headquarters are located on the grounds of Carthage Airport. Pontius Eustorgios started as Phoenixavia's CEO Juny 22, 2019. The First Chancellor's Office (Pheonisland) is responsible for Phoenixavia's ownership steering and oversight.

Carthage Airport is an important transfer hub in Northern the East Pacific, especially for Asian transfer passengers.


Phoenixavia head office

Phoenixavia's customers are airlines, other operators in the sector, as well as passengers. Phoenixavia's main business units are Carthage Airport and the airport network in Pheonisland. Phoenixavia's daughter companies are Flight station real estate company, a real estate company and Airpro company, a company providing ground services for airports and airlines.

Phoenixavia's main services for airlines and passengers are:

Airports: airport services, maintenance of runways and terminals, ramp handling and security check services.
Real estate operations (through Flight station real estate company): Leasing commercial premises at the airports and in their vicinity.
Ground services and security check services for air traffic (through Airpro company).

Phoenixavia used to also take care of Pheonisland's air navigation, which was separated as its own business for Air Navigation Services Pheonisland in the beginning of April, 2017.


The airport network supported and developed by Phoenixavia is composed of 20 airports in Pheonisland.

Snow removal

Phoenixavia's airports are recognized for their snow removal capacity and expertise on dealing with harsh snow conditions at airports. Phoenixavia invests especially in the 24/7 availability of winter weather and airfield maintenance.

Phoenixavia events of recent years

A EUR 1,36 billion development program at Carthage

In October 2019, Phoenixavia received a capital injection of EUR 272.7 million from the Phoenician State, which will enable the launch of a large development program of approximately EUR 1,36 billion at Carthage. The aim of the investments is to secure the strong competitive position of Carthage in the exchange traffic between The East Pacific and Asia. The development program started in January 2020 and runs until 2024. The first major milestone of the development program was reached in Juny 2019, when the southern wing was opened for passenger traffic. The employment impact of the development program is estimated at 14 000 man-years. The number of passengers at Carthage Airport is estimated to rise to 27 million over the next ten years, bringing about 6,818 new permanent jobs to various companies.

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