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Ashmont Complex

United Nations of Earthlings

The Ashmont Complex is the seat of executive and legislative affairs in the United Nations of Earthlings. The complex is located in central Argentinstan City, Argentinstan and hosts the offices of the regional government, Parliament (General Assembly & Security Council), and permanent missions to the region.

The Complex is 6 city blocks by 4 city blocks, interconnected plazas along the center of the Complex, separated by individual buildings, each representing a permanent mission to the region.

All 11 buildings in the complex are connected by an underground people mover network, which is operated by 10 sets of two-car trains, running 24 hours a day. Access to the people mover network is open only to all but valid access cards are required to individual buildings.

Secretariat Building

This building houses the offices of the Prime Minister and executive offices under the Prime Minister including the Office of Central Planning, Office of Recruitment, among others.

UNOE Central Command

This building houses all defense offices and the central command center for regional defense and defense operations. The building also hosts an underground bunker.

Ministerial Building

This building hosts all the offices of ministries in the region: Defense & Security, Foreign Affairs, Attorney-General

This building has eight floors, the first of which is the lobby, second of which is a common space, third and fourth allocated to Foreign Affairs, fifth and sixth allocated to Defense & Security, and seventh and eighth allocated to the Attorney-General.

Founder's Office

The Founder's Office is a three-story building, the smallest primary building in the Complex. It is home to all the offices of the Founder and Founder-level agencies.


The Parliament is divided into three sections, the West Wing being home to the Security Council, Central Wing home to the lobby, and the East Wing home to the General Assembly. It is the largest primary building in the Complex.

Leskya Building

The Leskya Building is home to the offices of the World Assembly Delegate (WA Delegate).

Chancery Building

The Chancery Building is a general office building, spread across eight floors.

Justice Building

The Justice Building a secondary location for the UNOE Court of Justice and is home to the offices of the High Justice.

Admiralty Building

The Admiralty Building is a general office building, spread across eight floors.

Ashmont People Mover

The Ashmont People Mover is an underground people mover system running in a U-shape form in two directions from Ashmont Station (ACMTA Station) and Broadway Station (ACMTA Station) with 11 intermediate stops.

The people mover has 10 sets of 2-car trains which operate 24 hours a day with headways of 10 minutes in both directions.

Access is public but authorization to enter each building is required.

Permanent Missions of the Ashmont Complex

There are thirty three-story buildings on the grounds of the Ashmont Complex, separating the plazas which separate the primary buildings. These buildings are allocated to permanent missions to the United Nations of Earthlings.