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International Relations

Loftegen 2 enjoys a position of great respect and influence within Lazarus, partly because of the nation's long history of peace with its immediate neighbors, and partly because of its massive and dynamic economy. Loftegen 2 made goods are traded throughout the region, and a large amount of intracontinental trade passes through Loftegen 2 on its way to and from various other countries.

Of course, the nation's substantial military strength, especially in the areas of nuclear and chemical weaponry and warfare, don't hurt matters as much as they help. And there is Lady Zaharra. The mysterious, enigmatic, and often frightening resident of Castle Altenberg usually plays a small, subtle role in normal international relations, though she has a substantial impact on relations with certain countries.

One such is Guiness Freaks. Dear Leader is too drunk most of the time to be affected by the Lady's eerie presence, and there are rumors that the Lady did him a favor in a matter concerning his ex-wife, the result being very friendly relations between Loftegen 2 and Guiness Freaks.

Another is Treadwellia, whose good king Tubbius is both entirely immune to the Lady's presence, and happy to allow her to visit His family and give presents to His children. Rumors that the Lady sometimes spends hours playing with the Royal Brood cannot be confirmed.