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Government Offices of The Royal Sovereign Nations

The Royal Sovereign Government shall be comprised of the following offices:

Executive World Assembly delegate:
The Executive World Assembly delegate is charged with the oversight of The Royal Sovereign Government. The executive World Assembly delegate is also imbued with emergency powers to be used in the case of regional crises as outlined within The Royal Sovereign Nations constitution. The role is democratically elected, with elections being held upon the end of the delegates term.

The Council
The Council is comprised of four councilors. The four councilors are charged with the running of daily affairs in The Royal Sovereign Nations as well as voting upon new legislation and engaging with The Royal Sovereign community. Councilors are elected democratically, with elections being held upon the end of a councilors term.

Lord Protector
The Lord Protector is charged with the defence of The Royal Sovereign Nations. The Lord Protector is the leader of The Royal Sovereign Nations Armed Forces (TRSNAF). The Lord Protector is voted for by The Council, and is subsequently approved and appointed by the executive World Assembly delegate.

[More offices of government will be opened shortly as the government expands]
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