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People of Fluffiness

The Council
Virginia Russel, Head of the Judicial System
Rachel Fergus, Head of Military
Judas Benedict, Head of Public Health
Mathias Wilson, Head of Social Affairs
Stewart Doug, Head of Industrial Production
Toroi Denkya, Head of International Relations
Natacha Radishchev, Head of Environmental Protection

Diana Taeto

Member of the Assembly
International Communist Party (ICP)
In charge of relations with Leonism
Former Head of the Judicial System (? - 2019-01-31)

Judas Benedict

Head of Public Health
Liberty for Everyone (LfE)

Mathias Wilson

Head of Social Affairs
International Communist Party (ICP)

He comes from a wealthy family, and joined the ICP at 17. He has a good record in terms of legislation about social rights, for example making it illegal to make racist remarks in public.

Natacha Radishchev

Head of Environmental Protection
Anarchist Federation (AF)

Rachel Fergus :

Head of Military (NEVU)

She comes from the Whimsea Mountains. She is one of the rare Fluffinesian to pursue a military career, and among the even rarer to have actually fought in wars. Indeed, she commanded the forces sent to capture former Fluffinesian General Anakin Starkey. He had taken power by force in a neighbouring country.

Stephanie Murlow :

Member of the Assembly (AF)

Stewart Doug :

Head of Industrial Production
Marchenoirean Minority Party (MMP)

Toroi Denkya :

Head of International Relations (AF)

Toroi Denkya may be the most famous Fluffinesian abroad, as he's in charge of international relations. In the AF, he may express strong opinions, but as a representative for all people in Fluffiness, he strictly follows there wish when on mission abroad, putting aside his personal opinions.

Virginia Russel :

Head of the Judicial system
Party leader of the Sovereign Communist Movement (SCM)

She initiated the split in the ICP, leading to the creation of the SCM. Although she is quite young, she is currently a rising politician, and the SCM score grows at each election.