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by The Unitary Republic of Borinsa. . 2 reads.

Furdom seeks minority religion status in Borinsa.

There are currently 14,951 furries in Borinsa (0.36% of the country) . This is a 321% increase from just two years ago. This wouldn’t be significant if it wasn’t for this reactant event; Prominent Borinsan Popufurs are pushing Borinsa to recognize Furdom as a minority religion.
Seeing how this would anger bigger older religions by being compared to Furdom and there being lots of people recently added to the pavighon with an anti-religious stance, they might pass this just to spite the Cathedral of Borinsa. The especially would love to piss of the Bosniak minority as well. This would also mean attacks on furries from that point forward would be a hate crime, giving the government a caucus belli against any Bosnia and Albania if a warrior of their faith tried something stupid.