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The rise of the Militarists

With the outbreak of civil-war in New Jaedenston, increasing public support for more intervention and a stronger AR presence in the world along with a new highly popular head with Lah Jesetta, the Militarists won big in a recent election for Parliament. Assembling 78 of 200 seats and quickly pairing up with the Unionists to create a 103 seat majority coalition, the Unionists, and most center-right and left parties having been battered during the election. In the coinciding presidential election, the former Admiral won the post with a 67% share of the vote, leaving the Prime Minister and the Presidency in hands of the Militarists. President Jesetta was elected on a mandate to intervene in the Jaedenston Civil war, increase defense spending, develop nuclear weapons, and strengthen the country, with moves to join the Jaedenston Civil War already under way.