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Enemies And Allies of Scherzinger

The Empire of Scherzinger has been around for almost 2 years. In that time, The Empire has moved between 7 regions and met over 1500 nations. Some adequate, few excellent, and an outstanding majority to be unpleasant to borderline disgusting.


Separatist Peoples: ......words can never explain the hatred and disdain that the Imperial Majesties have for this nation

Imperium Anglorum: This nation has been the delegate of Europe for some time, and to be honest, probably longer than at least 80% of the existing delegates in other regions. This nation is rather laid back, and to be completely honest, this individual may be a pleasant individual to have a civil conversation and debate with on different ideals. However, they seem to be rather spineless, as when the rest of their region turns and mocks, makes fun of, and ridicules other nations, like Scherzinger, The Barefoot Anime Girls, and Denerimus to name a few, they tend to be all too happy to join in on the fun, instead of bringing order to a region that claims to be the friendliest. This nation is a two-sided coin, all depending on the status of his endorsing nations. If they being to ridicule others, Imperium will join in. We suspect this is to save face, as well as endorsements that they consider to be all to important.

Any and all nations supporting, are flying the flag of, who's people are, or associated with france: france, and its people, are a backwards, savage, disgusting, ill mannered, uninteligent, appalling people, who are worse fighters than cavemen, and have no clue how to run a country. According to Scherzinger Imperial Edicts, these nations are enemies of the state, for now and forever.

Morover: No need to explain this one really. Enemies like this nation dont get to have their wrongs glorified


The Queendom of Regna Loreau: This nation has been an ally of Scherzinger for a long time sought closer ties and a better relationship which surmounted to both nations being 2/3's of the signatories of the Eastern Tripartite Accord, which essentially bounds these two nations together in an unbreakable alliance. Scherzinger's Emperor and Empress, along with members of their staff, attended both the wedding ceremonies and funeral processions that occurred with a citizen of this nation.

The Empire of The Barefoot Anime Girls: This nation's leader is a (real life) long time friend of 13 years of Scherzinger. So naturally, this rather unusual nation would be an ally of Scherzinger. With Regna Loreau and Scherzinger, The Barefoot Anime Girls is a signatory on the Eastern Tripartite Accord. All nations involved are tightly knitted in terms of security, and have close bonds with each other.