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Regal-Class Frigate (backup dispatch)

Regal-class Frigate

Class Information

Name: Regal (Nonador)
- Arsenal de Marinha do Rio de Janeiro (Nonador)
Designed by: Imperial Navy of Brazil
Operators: See Operators
Planned: 36
Completed: 6
Cancelled: 0
Active: 6

General Characteristics

Type: Guided Missile Frigate (Fleet Destroyer)
First Commissioned: 1995
Displacement: ~8,100 tons (Full-capacity)
Length: 152m
Beam: 18.2m
Propulsion: Classified
Speed: 30+ knots
Range: 5,750 nm @ 17 kn
Complement: 190 Core + 40 Mission Specialist
Baseline Armament:
1 x 127mm (5 in)/54 caliber Oto-Breda Compact Gun
2 x Bofors 40mm modified autocannons (CIWS) or AK-630 CIWS
1 x 8-canister missile launcher (HY-2 AShM or Refit for RGM-84/Type 90 SSM)
2 x Type 68 Torpedo Tubes (6 x Mk-46 or Type 73 Torpedoes)
2 x High pressure non-lethal water cannon

A 48-cell Advanced Vertical Launch System
Standard load-out;
- 20 x VL-ASROC
- 40 x 3K95 Kinzhal [10 x 4]
- 10 x Supersonic AShM and/or Sub-sonic Cruise Missile

Armour: Classified
Aircraft carried: 1 x Medium-lift Helicopter
Aviation facilities: Small Hanger

The Regal-class guided missile frigates are a development of the Imperial Brazilian Navy to serve as a ‘fleet workhorse’, as part of the effort to become a competitive blue-water force. Designed with future fleet acquisitions in mind, the Regal-class is a long-term project designed with the power and space to be modified to meet the evolving needs of the Imperial Navy. A cost-efficient, robust, and capable platform is how she is pitched to naval commanders - intended to take on the Anti-Surface role as its primary mission with anti-submarine warfare serving in a secondary capacity. This class has the facilities to operate as independent units, integral parts of tasks groups, and (most importantly) escort units for the Imperial Navy’s primary surface units. The Regal-class is a huge advancement in the domestic shipbuilding capabilities of Brazil, as the most advanced warship designed, constructed, and outfitted in domestic shipyards.


Classified as a guided missile frigate, for all intents and purposes, the Regal-class is a family Destroyers, exceeding the capability of Europe’s Frigates while not exceeding those of Paramerican and Japanese AEGIS Destroyers. In size alone, she matches the Arleigh Burke-class, is smaller than the Pará-class, and heavier than most other surface combatants accross the globe. The Class is designed with the Cruz do sul and Pará-class in mind, who are designed primarily as large anti-air and anti-surface/submarine platforms - as the Regal will take on an escorting role, to safe guard those ships from major surface and submerged attacks. As units equipped with advanced super sonic anti-ship missiles, the class embodies the “best defense is a good offense” philosophy, packing a large punch to deter enemy vessels as much as destroy them before they have the Opprotunities to engage friendly forces.

While the class does not operate the AEGIS combat system, plans are on hand to construct several batches of the class featuring modifications such as the Japanese-Brazilian ‘ARROW’ Combat System, the addition of another 48-cell VLS, and other weapon changes in the future.


Currently the Regal-class Frigates are operated by both Imperial Brazilian Navy, as the Regal-class.

Visual Notes

The Regal-class is visually similar to the Takanami-class Destroyers of the Japanese Navy, but are slightly longer, wider, and heavier than their counterparts - this done to offer greater internal space, and enhance the class’s sea-keeping for Atlantic operations.