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NationStates Resource Repository

NationStates Resource Repository

— General —



The Survival Guide to NationStates

There's a lot to be had here; if you're new to NS, you should take a look

About Nation Creation and Categories

This outlines every WA category for nations and how to create your nation to fulfill certain categories

LinkWorld Time Zones

So you aren't spamming your friend from South Africa when he's fast asleep

— Templates —



Overview Template

Describes many aspects about your nation

Factbook Templates

Includes overview template, almanac, and holidays outline, among other things

Foreign Relations and Embassies Template

How your nation interacts with others around the world

Legislature Wiki

Allows you to describe your lawmaking body

Military Wiki (1)

Describes military in a general sense

Military Wiki (2)

Same as above

Legislature Election Wiki

Outlines your lawmaking body's election cycle

Character Template

See modernized sidebar for this template

Person Wiki

Allows you to describe your favorite characters

Noble House Wiki

Only for the dukes and duchesses

Constitution Template

Can be used by nations and international institutions alike

— Coding/Technical/Design —



The Complete List of NSCodes

Your all-encompassing list of coding conundrums

Macros in Factbooks

"Wait, it can update automatically?"

How to Write a Dispatch

Remember English class? This is it buddies. Just kidding; it's more coding

Keyboard Shortcuts

Last one to control-q is a rotten egg

Guide to Coding a Dispatch

Similar to ones above

LinkBBCode Color List

Lists all color codes that you can use in BBC

NS Forum BBCode Guide

Outlines how to use BBCode on the forums only

LinkGeneral BBCode Guide

For all your BBCoding needs

LinkGeneral Symbols

Copy and paste all kinds of symbols


Copy and paste emojis – it's that simple folks


Making flags for your nation was never this simple

— World-Building —



World-Building Survey

Every fact about your nation can go here

Currency Database

Documenting currencies and their conversions

Human Development Index

GDP is so last year

Democracy Index

Let political freedom ring

Religious Tolerance Survey

We all have faith in something, don't we?

Latin Motto Clinic

Making cool mottos never got cooler than latin

— Military Guides —



Military Realism Consultation Thread

Military realism question? You've come to the right place

— 3rd Party Sites —



Useful NS sites and Utilities

Houses other sources and 3rd party sites

NationStates Utilities

Similar to above


I've already covered this one; it's just the general link


"Let's get fiscal! Fiscal!"


You can upload .png files here in order to post pictures in dispatches


All your mapping needs

LinkFamily Echo

You can create a custom online family tree

LinkCustom Google Maps

How to draw lines on google maps, basically

LinkCustom Poll Maker

You can create polls as you please

LinkRandomness Generator

Randomly generate numbers and other stuff

LinkDice Roller

Don't think twice about rolling the dice

LinkCustom Legislature Apportionment Chart

You can use this to show a visual of your legislature's political power divide

LinkCustom Planet Creator

Defines the qualities of a random planet as you please

LinkGeneral RPG Tools

All your RPG needs

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