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Rules and stuff(WIP)

1. Last Nation(s) standing wins.
2. Everyone gets three days to prepare (staking out territory, writing factbooks, ect). After that all wars can officially begin.
3. You may request any land on the map. However, I have discretion on how much land people get, so don't be greedy.
4. Tech limit is capped at the year 2019. I have power over enforcing this rule. No crazy railguns, death rays, ect.
5. Military limits are as follows:
- 100 million soldiers(including active forces, reserves, conscripts, and any militias/paramilitaries)
- No more than 5% of population in military(3% regulars + 2% conscripts)
- 3,000 warships
- 100,000 fixed-wing aircraft
- 20,000 UAVs
6. NO NUKES OF ANY KIND. All other WMDs are fair game.
7. Govt. has final say over any disputes or arguments
8. Finally, remember that this is all for fun, and that all losses will not be permanent. So don't get salty.