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The Constantinople Chronicle Article: Proxy Warfare

The Constantinople Chronicle

June 11th, 2019

Proxy Warfare
By Mike Wazowski

Hondura, a country in the Far East famous for its dictators and internal conflicts has spun out of control once again and into three way civil war. The country has historically flip flopped between different communist and fascist factions, all generally being authoritarian. Hondura is the last major, official dictatorship. One could count Russian Federationn but there is less to support the dictatorship theory there. Same with the Eastern-States. Hondura is a country that was ruled from a leftover of the Subotic days, where any non communist leader was fine with the west. Of course this strategy was fine at the time, it proved flawed later. Hondura, without any contention from the Western powers was allowed to be ruled by a complete pyschopath, Mathew Goeth. The communist leaders turn out to be pretty similar. Like all rulers in Hondura. The people, the military, or the party got sick of Goeth and tried to overthrow him. Goeth organizes the fascists, and civil war begins.
One of the other reasons this civil war is different is due to intervention. Normally, Hondura is considered just a bloodbath and left to do whatever. Now however, many nations, most notably Russia, have intervened. Some nations, like once again Russia have gone with a purely military route, with direct support for Goeth. Supporting Goeth is quite controversial, and along with the crisis involving Russia and [nation]The]Greater Nordics[/nation] has led to Russia not looking like the most friendly of nations. Despite this, relations between us and Russia have greatly increased with the council of Sebastopol. Anyways, Russia has gone all in on the nationalists, and with a press conference from Reinstein upcoming we may see a US intervention. The US would likely be the force behind the democrats, leading to a two way civil war between democrats and fascists because nobody likes a communist. The communists have been forced to settle with the democrats or be crushed. But a proxy war between the East and West has begun. Joshuastania has taken up a similar position to the one the US is expected to go with, to a lighter stance. Theyíve provided both aid, and military forces. All countries are providing aid, but as one observer noted the Russians did it first and the others followed. Many of these same observers say this war may be the first of many proxy wars in a new Cold War between Russia and America, authoritarianism vs globalism.

So, where does Fordana stand in all this? From our governments recent actions itís becoming clear that Fordana would like to stay away from the Cold War, be a neutral power. Coincidentally our historically allies and friends in Covvia are doing the same. Covvia and Fordana May bring back the old alliance as a neutral power. Fordana is a part of the Entente, but isnít really an active one. Fordana May become the peacekeeping observer, keeping the world in check. Just like in Hondura, where it all started, and where Fordana peacekeepers are protecting towns and cities from being ravaged by civil war. Fordana and neutrality work together like bread and butter.