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by The Holy Gold Lucky Monarchy of The Flyin. . 17 reads.

Today "Today" is complete

Classified, Under Level Purple, Information On This Project Is Limited To Project Leaders {redacted, redacted and redacted} Unauthorised Knowledge Of This Project Will Issue Arrest On Sight On the Perpetrator

This document shall only be printed 3 times and may never be digitised or leave the vault of a project leader unless it is being used.

"Today" has been formed in The Peoples Front of Darunia.

The Front Began formation of the demi entity, this was confidential and the project leader ,{redacted}, who was sent to observe The Front's side of the operation, could not view the process, and as such we do not know the process.

As stated in a previous document
The remainder of the original Saturday hair was used, an 8th of the hair was imputed.
along with 2 ounces of the blood of Thursday
2 and a quarter ounces of Monday blood was added. This could have been 3 ounces however half an ounce was gifted to the front and a quarter is being kept for research.
1 hair of Wednesday was used.
DNA from the leader of Japanese Americans was added
Flyinian self modification genes was be added, the hair and eye colour changing genes was added
All of the significant DNA from "All In The Pot" was added, including the Flyinian wings genes.

It originally formed as a humanoid skeleton with a faint silvery glow, over time a body grew from the skeleton, growing from the legs upwards.
A female body, appearing roughly age 15 or 16 formed.
She formed with Silver-grey hair and sparkling, rainbow eyes(red,orange flecks,yellow,green and purple) and a beautiful complexion, she is 1.68 meters and has 2 bright white wings,
When she was released from the growing vat she introduced herself as Sophie, she snapped her fingers and a white owl with green tipped feathers a small black hat with an emblem of the 4 entities used in the creation of her, when {redacted} asked her about this owl she introduced it as her friend and called it 'davies'.

We intend to have {redacted, redacted, redacted and redacted} teach her, we also wonder if the front desires to help in the teaching and training of "Today"
We have currently explained the reason for her creation, she thanked us for telling her why she was made and said she would help us with her research of her powers

Currently known powers:

Teleportation to anywhere at will

Can form materials in medium quantities at will

Can make things seemingly dissapear, extent of this power is yet to be discovered

She can seemingly resurrect creatures, form small ones and also form plants, this is current knowledge of the power

She can predict when danger is around

She does not seem to need food, water or oxygen, however she has expressed an that she enjoys having these

She can summon "davies" to her at will, stating that 'she enjoys being around him'

She can also seemingly convert things into other things, very similar to atomic reconstuction

She can change the colour of many of her features

She may also speak fluently to any animal

Current Discussion with "Sophie" has proved her to he cheery, calm and trusting, she dislikes violence and develops good friendships with people, she puts in a great deal of work to make sure people she is friends with do not get harmed, currently she has developed a friendship with her teachers.

Progress on an "entity blocker" shall now begin*

End of File

*12 irl days