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Panzerkampf Agreement of Former Ironblood Nations

Ideas don't perish.

After the fall of Ironblood and Ironblood Zwei, the nations that once made up it's glorious steel hull continued to be strung together by various ties. It is, knowing that these ties are still as strong as they were when Ironblood was complete and fully operational, that the Panzerkampf Agreement of Former Ironblood Nations is based on.

The Panzerkampf Agreement of Former Ironblood Nations, otherwise known as P.A.F.I.N., is the attempt to, via diplomatic means not necessarily crossing into the 'New Alliance' chapter, bring together the nations that formed part of Ironblood and Ironblood Zwei in a pseudo-alliance format that would allow them to coordinate with their previous allies as if the alliance itself had never ceased to function. Our motto - Ideas don't perish - is a reflection of that.

The clauses of the P.A.F.I.N. are as follows:

Clause 1.) - Nations part of the P.A.F.I.N. will agree to form a sort of Trade Union format, with protection guaranteed from it's members. This Trade Union will coordinate all Trade Convoys between P.A.F.I.N. members, and will make sure that all P.A.F.I.N. marked cargo reaches member ports safely via escorting the convoys and/or providing sufficient protection to them.

Clause 2.) - Nations part of the P.A.F.I.N. will agree to coordinate militarily, and to aid one another in times of sufficient need. 'One must not let their allies fall'. Coordination will be done from a centralized pseudo-gobernment from which the leaders of all P.A.F.I.N. member states will make up, or via a more de-centralized form via long-distance communications. Cooperation between P.A.F.I.N. member states, militarily, is one of the things that this agreement seeks to obtain the most.

Clause 3.) - Nations part of the P.A.F.I.N., once the time is right, will be ready to form up and discuss the possible future of P.A.F.I.N., as well as discuss the possibilities of an [Ironblood Drei], that is to say, to discuss the possibilities of a new chapter in the [Ironblood] history books.

Alongside these more obligatory clauses, there are secondary objectives and clauses, which will be described after this point.

S. Objective A) - The standarization of P.A.F.I.N. weaponry between all member states.
S. Objective B) - The strenghtening of allied governments in their time of need.
S. Objective C) - To defeat any and all possible threats to P.A.F.I.N. member states that wish to destroy the [Ironblood] legacy.

The nations that have signed the Panzerkampf Agreement of Former Ironblood Nations are:

- The Rynese Empire
- The Volcen
- Oile Islands
- Varola