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One Dead After Protests In Badoneath

As the recent terrorist attacks on Loftegen2, Leonism and Sinyal by the New Light Order (NLO), there have been a few protests calling for the banning of this organization. As Loftegen is one of Fluffiness' neighbor, and it is known that there are supporters of the NLO in Fluffiness, some citizens fear that they could be the next victims of the NLO. So far, one of two hundred people protested in Turnal last Sunday, and about two hundred in Badoneath Saturday.

During the protest in Badoneath, one police officer died. Investigation is under way to determine the cause. The protesters we interviewed explained the police starting tear-gassing the crowd, and when Mr. Benson, the deceased officer was seen beating up a teenager, the crowd attacked him. Badoneath police commander, Jonas Stew, in a public statement, discarded these claims, and said that there had been no police violence this day. Tear gas had indeed been fired, but after the protesters started advancing toward the police, in an "aggressive" way. The police only defended themselves according to Mr. Stew. He even made the controversial proposition of banning public protests.

The Police Communist Union leader, Martha Jonese, argues that police have a duty, to protect the inhabitants of Fluffiness. "Police officers should be prepared to die. It is indeed a dangerous job, but also very important, as it helps so much the population." However, she also proposes to keep protests allowed only in planned areas, so that the police can efficiently monitor them, and such accidents would not happen again.

The Assembly examined this morning several proposition about the matter. While it was clear at the beginning that protests would never be outlawed in Fluffiness, the exact response to give created heated debates. The Anarchist Federation (AF) pushed for an end of police supervision of protests. Both the International Communist Party (ICP), the Sovereign Communist Movement (SCM), Liberty for Everyone (LfE) were for more control by the police. The other parties were more divided on the matter.

In the final vote, the chosen law stated that protests must now be held only in determined area, while several more restrictions on tear-gas have been made. The government position on the NLO remains the same, according to Virginia Russel, Head of the Judicial System. "For now, the NLO isn't too much of a threat to Fluffiness. We keep an eye on them, and follow closely the unfolding events in Loftegen and Leonism. For now, the members of the sect here are innocent."

Lance Wolfee, for Sturnia New, 2019-06-10