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Cherrybonn Papers Scandal: Kalvar's secret plan to take over Laira

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FILE NAME: Cherrybonn Papers
DATE ARCHIVED: 15-10-12017

Description: Cherrybonn Papers is a secret document obtained by investigative journalist Allen Nairn on 7 October 12017, two months before the Lairan General Elections. It records the content of the meeting held in Kalvar's private residence in Cherrybonn Street, Velmeiro, a week after a massive milipops terror attack in Saint-Lerones. It was leaked on 16 October.

Content: The Papers detailed the plans of a Kalvar-Noryibion administration over the L.U. to destroy anti-neoglobalist milipops movements ravaging the continent, and plans to get rid of political opposition by digging present and past scandals and drown them in the judicial process under the 'guilty until proven innocent' ethos.

Reaction: Kalvar's campaign immediately increased its anti-milipops anti-terrorist pro-order tirade against its main opponents, with the goal of making thr papers irrelevant. The leftist bloc were attacked as 'weak corrupts', and the populist right-wing as 'terrorist sympathizing corrupts'.


Realizing the continuing rise of the Light of Democracy electability, yet recognizing the threat of active milipops and evangelical activity online and offline, spreading misinformation and radical ideologies, the Kalvar-Noryibion bloc hold a closed meeting on Leovin Kalvar's private residence in 4th Cherrybonn Street, Velmeiro, at 22.00-00.45 LWT.

The closed meeting is attended only by Laira's top neoglobalists, including Leovin Kalvar, Chatei Noryibion, Rexis Mirexell, Lt. Gen. Aresdem Hayska, Maj. Gen. Laxam Nala, Brig. Gen. Lutarch B. Pandjaitan (ret), Esther La Follete, Jean Nélchoun, Air Mshl. Luiz de Castello (ret), Maxine Wember, Andresz Tulsk, Khan Sadhiq, Eleonora Lario, and Lt. Gen. Katalin Ideś (ret).

The closed meeting is held to determine the concrete steps of a neoglobalist continental administration after elected. Kalvar-Noryibion ticket has promised to its vast neoglobalist supporters across Laira to tackle the threats in climate, economy, housing, immigration, and most importantly security.

The closed meeting identified amd isolated the threats against a new neoglobalist continental administration: a) radical evangelicals, b) grassroot far-right milipops, c) grassroot far-left anti-milipops, d) milipops-aligned generals and intelligence officials, e) veterans paramilitary organizations, f) anti-NWO national governments.

Should Leovin Kalvar be elected as L.U. president, his first act would be to completely destroy radicalism in the Lairan Union. After the condition are deemed suitable, the new administration can move on to plans for economic and political integration of the L.U. into a single united states.

The recorded content of the closed meeting are as follows:

  1. New Albion PM Khan Sadhiq will determine who will be proposed to the Lairan Parliament as the new Lairan Police Chief. The not-yet-determined new Police Chief is a firm person and a true neoglobalist. Their first task will be to weaken both a) milipops: Patriotic Society (PS), Knights of Lord (KoL), Blackshirts, and b) anti-milipops: Anti-Fascist Action, Worker's Brigade, Neo Green Life, FreeCorps, Shocktrooper; arrest radical evangelical priests, neo-SOZIs, and conspiracy theorists including: John Alexson, Stef O'Bann, Reiza Spechtzer, and Pontifex Maximus Francis I.

  2. Lt. Gen. Aresdem Hayska will set up a list of candidates to head the Lairan Intelligence; massive reshuffle and cleanup inside the L.I. is directed to purge entrenched milipops deep state and directed to weaken the likes of PS, KoL, Blackshirts, AFA, WB, NGL, FC, ST; its other tasks would be to uncover milipops activities in the opposition and unveil corruption cases to increase the dominance of Light of Democracy party group in the administration. Party groups of the Lairan Parliament: Lairan People's Party (LPP), Socialists and Democrats (S&D), Lairan Conservatives and Reformists (LCR), Laira of Nations and Freedom (LNF), Laira of Freedom and Direct Democracy (LFDD), and Group of the United Lairan Left (GULL) will be thoroughly disassembled by reopening their past/present corruption cases and human rights abuse scandals. Party leaders and milipops generals indicted in the investigations will be arrested. Thus, Leovin Kalvar will appear as a strong and firm president who upholded the law.

  3. Air Mshl. Luiz de Castello will be given the trust to determine the new head of the Lairan Armed Forces, the power of national armies across the continent will be centralized and aligned to better suit neoglobalist policies in defense, security, and world peacekeeping. Past and present cases regarding corruption, human rights abuse, and links with milipops terrorists will be totally opened to purge as many entrenched milipops as possible and try them in court martials. Massive reshuffle will be launched to stack the organization with safe and/or neutral officers.

  4. Andresz Tulsk and Gelrance President Jean Nélchoun will be tasked to determine the new Lairan Attorney General. The task of the A.G. will be to process as many cases as possible regarding corruption, human right abuse, and links with milipops terrorism from members of the parties inside LPP, S&D, LCR, LNF, LDFF, and GULL and arrest indicted members, including: Nigail Farge L-MP, Marina Le Havre L-MP, Leader of New Albion Opposition John Borisson, Jacobin Rees MP, Flonzela Interior Minister Malto Silvioni, Leader of C.F.R. Opposition Sedge Sedexton, PM of Magary Viktoriano Arbán, PM of Wroczland Jaros Kaszinsky, President of Wroczland Donald Duda, and Chancellor of Elvetica Bastian Kurzt. Dangerous radical organizations should be investigated, processed, and disbanded as soon as possible. Their ringleaders and members should be thoroughly investigated for ties with the terror activities and arrested.

  5. Lairan Corruption Eradication Agency should be purged of opposition and milipops influence. The role of Esther La Follete's group should be strengthened; old commissioners of L.C.E.A. will be attacked by various scandals and purged. William Bar, Ruprecht Müller and Dilma de Puerta is the main targets of L.C.E.A. control operation after the elections. Rexis Mirexell will then appoint new commissioners obedient to Leovin Kalvar's war on continental corruption program.

The closed meeting ends around 00.45, but 3 attendants left the meeting at 23.00: Lt. Gen. Katalin Ideś, Frank Timmerman and Anne Kaurenbarr.

Signed, Organizers of the Meeting:

  • Secretary: Chancellor of C.F.R., Rexis Mirexell

  • Supreme Chairperson: President of C.F.R., Leovin Kalvar

  • Deputy I: L.U. Minister of Home Affairs, Chatei Noryibion (L-MP for Nova Caledon)

  • Deputy II: President of Gelrance, Jean Nélchoun

  • Deputy III: Director of the Lairan Security Council, Lt. Gen. Aresdem Hayska

  • Deputy IV: PM of New Albion, Khan Sadhiq

  • Deputy V: Commander of the Strategic Corps, Maj. Gen. Laxam Nala

  • Deputy VI: Vice PM of Matagorda, Air Mshl. Luiz de Castello

  • Deputy VII: Leader of Opposition of Flonzuela, Eleonora Lario

Editor's note: Thanks for the inspiration of this dispatch, the IRL Allan Nairn who published Linkthis very interesting paper regarding the plan of a mass-murdering ex-general to take over my IRL country. Whether or not the report is valid (probably not) is not my problem, but it looked like a really cool plot that I just have to write a spinoff.