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Moving Forward

I am sorry for not putting a lot of graphical or grammatical effort on my text, I simply type on the go and talk about stuff that flow through my mind at said time. I am sorry for blinding some of you with my atrocious writing.

Hello EU Worldwide,

First and foremost I would like to thank you all for being part of our community for almost 2 years now. I got to admit though, that I am not good with long speeches, so I will try to keep it short and sweet.

Recently I had a trip down to memory lane and the glorious days of the Enadian Union. A Union with a vibrant community which we all build together. Let me just say this, I've never been proud more about Enadia than today. You might be wondering, why? The reason to that is quite simple. Recently an old EU member, going by the name Greater Vacolicci Haven, departed the region and said in general lines, that the reason he was leaving was, well ... me.

Here I would like to share a detracted text from his quote:

"I left the region due to you. Your leadership. For every gimmicky project you invented you failed to realize the fact that required people to carry them out. For every WA recruitment, that required me to go into regions over and over and over again and attempt to do damage control, attempting to convince people I don't really know very well that we are not the region they think we are. And I did it, because when I joined Enadia it wasn't this region. It was going somewhere: you were a good leader and one who responded well to criticism. Since some time last summer though, that has all changed and Enadia has suffered for it."

I got to admit that his comment did not satisfy me or made me happy in anyway. After all who wants to hear such a negative remark and take it well. But regardless, it was an opinion which I had to look into. And I have to tell you, I instantly considered giving up and calling in General elections. But you know what - I was looking at the situation at the wrong angle.

You see Enadia became great, because its people made great things. Enadia is great because we have brilliant minds around that have contributed in extraordinary ways. So instead being sad or grumpy about a negative feedback. I actually thank GVH for his statement. Not only it made me realize that we are all going through this together, but it also made me realize that I am not alone into this.

And for this, I have to thank you all, for being part of the Enadian Union. All the amazing stuff we have created, like eSports, or EU Cinema, EU Radio, Forums, Websites, Discords, Social Accounts, we have created because of YOU. All of you have contributed, some of you by working in our departments and some of you by boosting our numbers and rooting for our teams.

And despite being sad about the current slow activity of the EU, I am actually hopeful and optimistic. I remember when I first created this region, I wanted to be a modern Founder, a Founder of the people. I wanted to empower people and make them a better version of themselves. I was over the moon winning the hearts of each of you but I also know that I am responsible and I have to work harder each time. But I am happy that Enadia made a lot of you better people in your life. We made online friends, allies and some of us real life friends.

Because you see, each and everyone of us are Enadians. We are Enadia. Enadia is it's people and we are going to move forward together. I am not giving up in any of you and I hope that you will join me in this long journey to take Enadia into this journey of a thousand smiles step by step.

Thank you,

P.S If you read this thread, please feel free to get back to me. If you have any ideas, I am all ears. And also please give a thumbs up on the post, so I know that you've put an effort to read it.

P.S 2 Recently we released a video on our YouTube channel. While I thank you all for your positive feedback I would like you to understand and get the essence or the message of the video. The video while it displays different people living fragments of their life, each image and scenario represents what we actually have in Enadia. Enadia is full of dreamers, warriors, scientists or people majoring in science, Enadia is a colorful and proud region to support and promote diversity of all races. We are proud of our unique members and members with disabilities which we wish them all the best of this world. But most importantly we are proud to have people with kind and loving hearts. This video was made for all of you.

Enjoy it:

The United Kingdom of Latrovia