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Imperial Leadership of Great Redanien

Imperial Government

Supreme Emperor
HSM Daniel Zelevas

Duke of Nibelungen <--Prime Minister and Leader of the Ministry of Interior, Justice and Finance.
Lord Josef Hagen

Duke of Rheingold <--Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence.
Lord Rupert Garond

Minister of Corporates <--Leads the Zelevas Holding Group as CEO and monitors all private companies.
Lord Ferdinand Gomez

Minister of Media and Propaganda <--Monitors all mass media and gives them imperial direction.
Lord Bernd Stahlhauer

Imperial Armed Forces

HSM Daniel Zelevas

Grand Admiral of the REKO-SF <--Supreme Commander of the best special force for ground and space warfare.
HSM Daniel Zelevas

Imperial Arch Marshal <--Second-in-Command and the highest officer in all military departments.
Lord Heinz Gerber

Imperial Federation

Imperial Communications Director
Lord Herbert Petrasch

Imperial Inquisition

Supreme Commander
HSM Daniel Zelevas

Imperial Security Director <--Second-in-Command and the personal assistant of the supreme commander.
Lord Sebastian von Hohenzollern

Lord High Inquisitor <--Sub-Commander to the ISD and tasked with the daily management.
Lord Manfred Willinger