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Ghost Land/60s Music OOC

My main forum nation is Ghost Land, and my main gameside nation is 60s Music. I have been a member of NationStates continuously, save for a year-long sabbatical, since 2012, and I have met lots of cool people in my days on here. I am the founder of the region Groovy, so feel free to check that neck of the woods out!

I'm a young adult (under 30) from Wisconsin who was born in spirit around 1970; I'm a bit of a technophobe and listen primarily to popular music from the 1980s. A playlist of my top 100 songs can be found Linkhere. My #1 favourite song would be "Photograph" (1983) by Def Leppard, and I will go to my grave defending 1983 as the best year for music.

My Nolan Chart results as of September 2018

Politically, I am a right-wing libertarian who generally supports the Republican Party (United States), though I do have disagreements with many mainstream Republican politicians. I favour small government, low taxes, and few laws other than those necessary to protect people's civil and economic freedoms. I am a supporter of benevolent autocracy (monarchy or dictatorship) with many decisions conducted via referendum; I really don't like how trendy republics are these days or how ours in America has turned out, with its polarized two-party politics, general shortage of good candidates on both sides of the aisle, and overly interventionist approach to world political events. People have described my politics as anywhere from far-right fascist (which I am definitely not) to anarcho-capitalist (a little extreme on the other end, but that fits more than fascist).

I like warm weather and being outside; the cold and snow of Wisconsin winters drive me crazy. My idea of a dream vacation could be as simple as escaping into the woods for a few days in summer and not having to answer to anyone or be told what to do. Complicating this is the climate of my location, in addition to my sedentary desk job, after which it's hard to muster much enthusiasm to do much at night.

My time zone is Central Time (USA), which is GMT-5 from March to November and GMT-6 from November to March. I am an advocate for ending Daylight Saving Time and being on winter/standard time year-round. My general online hours are 16:00-19:15 on weeknights and 5:40-9:00 on weekends and days off (all times local).

Feel free to telegram me with any questions or concerns, or if you need help with anything NS-related, though don't despair if it takes a couple of days for me to get back to you; stuff gets busy sometimes.