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Cities of interest (WIP)


Named after the castle which was built in the middle ages, Slovograd is the cultural heart and administrative seat of the nation. It is home to the residences and working offices of the Empress and her government ministers. It also has many shopping centers, museums, and parks. In addition, Slovograd is one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cities in the world. Nearly all of its electricity is generated from renewable sources, and residents of the city can take advantage of free public transportation and an extensive network of pedestrian and bike paths.

The preserved Slovograd Castle

Downtown Slovograd

The imperial palace

National Museum & Library



Zalata Gora
Залата Гора

Nestled at the base of a mountain range, this city used to be off-limits to the public—a special permit was required to enter, and its location was not marked on maps. Why such secrecy? Several important military and intelligence facilities are located here. But these restrictions were eventually relaxed, and Zalata Gora is now also the site of an astronomical observatory. The city's remoteness makes it ideal for that purpose, as there is less light and signal pollution, and strict rules are in place to keep things that way. Residents and visitors are not permitted to use any appliances that emit radio waves, including cell phones, routers, and microwave ovens.