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The User (OOC)

The User

Nicknames Ally, Ethrax, Actethx
Occupation: Keyboard Warrior
Nationality: Singaporean

Ethnicity: Filipino-Chinese
DoB: August 2006
Gender: Male
Blood Type:
Siblings: None

Religion: Christian
Likes: Writing, drawing, talking, acting, singing, gaming, listening to music (not modern music)
Dislikes: Disrespectful people, schooling, modern-day music, ignorant people who do not pay attention to me, people who always copy ideas.
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, animating, talking, singing, gaming

Ideology & Politics

Neutral: All political ideologies

Explanations: I donít believe in supporting political ideologies, parties or sides. I donít believe they can make the word perfect. They may have gotten us better living conditions, but they wonít be the reason why they will cure diseases and stop the Earth from total destruction.


How I found out about NationStates
I discovered NationStates after a Friend showed me a screenshot of his nation in an online game. There were statistics which I found cool for a nation to have, so I decided to ask what game it was, and it was NationStates.

What I plan to do here
I plan to make a full mini encyclopedia of factbooks about the full story of the nation that is inside my head. I like to lay my thoughts down somewhere, for everyone to see what I imagine everyday and not simply stuck in my head. Not to mention play the Forum 7 games and talk with other people of the internet who have their own worlds as well.

What is this nation of mine?
This nation of mine represents my views on what a perfect nation should be ó highly advanced technologically and magically. Strongest and most powerful of them all. Peaceful and rid of sickness. The biggest and the largest of them all, with a cute person leading them all. Pretty much like paradise.

However, a perfect nation represents my view of freedom that people can be whatever they want, as long as they do not hurt others. That kind of forsakes my beliefs in real life, but I tend to stray from such thoughts. Thatís why I believe that a perfect nation houses citizens with the perfect reaction to situations, not retaliating with anger, but peace.

What do I like and hate here?
I like how the overall community is intelligent, based on how they know what theyíre talking about. They seem to know a lot about things that are forgotten after a while, thus bringing in logic to many debates.

I like how many regional governments take the liberty of making sure their region is orderly, and well-protected. Thus bringing in the fulfilling of their responsibility, and simply not to abuse their power.

However, I do hate how many proud debaters tend to protect their beliefs even though they know itís wrong. We are all imperfect, and humility is very much needed to accept that. We need to feel proud to be a human, to move forward.

Also, I hate people who say they can simply defeat my nation using their technology, however without reading my factbooks. A lot of hard work and creativity has been put into making up the strongest of things, yet has been forsaken by some people who do not even dare put such an effort. Hey, at least read the factbooks and say how you could do it without having to ignore something of mine that could oppose that.

Trivia & Facts
Current Favourite Song: Link141 (1984)
Favourite Foods: Cheese/fish/beef/baconburgers, french fries, onion rings, fish fillet, beef steak...
Favourite Beverages: Ice Lemon Tea, Milo
Favourite Bands: (None)
Favourite Book Series: (None)
Favourite Video Games: Minecraft, ROBLOX
Favourite VG Genres: (None)

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