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Ashakad - Hire the Qurādu

Ⲡⲏⲗⲏⲑⲩ Ⲁⲥϩⲁⲭⲁⲇⲁⲛ

The Qurādu, or Ⲭⲩⲣⲁⲇⲩ, is an elite force of spear-wielding soldiers trained from childhood to fight. They are famed for their discipline, their talent, and their unfettering loyalty. They are mainly reserved as the professional army of the Emperor, however there are divisions trained for hire to be sent to war by their well-paying masters.
Contrary to popular belief, joining the Qurādu is a choice, though a life-long oath. Qurādu are to be loyal to the masters that pay them, but they are free Ashakadan citizens regardless of where they go. Though they are bought and sold, they are not slaves and are not to be treated as such. Mistreatment is a contract-breaker and amicable reason to wage war.
If the Qurādu are not seen on the field of actual battle within a 5-month period, the contract is annulled with no chance of money back. The only refunds are if the armies are not satisfying, not what you expected, or war is no longer likely and thus you have no reason to keep them. If they are used in a war, the contract ends with the war they are hired to fight in.




Naazn Karāšu


2,380.00K/mo; 1,142.40$/mo, 898.95£/mo, 1,014.47€/mo

Dreqihl Karāšu


2,210.00K/mo; 1,060.80$/mo, 834.74£/mo, 941.98€/mo

Maraar Karāšu


2,125.00K/mo; 1,020.00$/mo, 802.64£/mo, 905.75€/mo

Kaklhl Karāšu


1,168.75K/mo; 561.00$/mo, 441.45£/mo, 498.16€/mo

Ihlzer Karāšu


850.00K/mo; 408.00$/mo, 321.06£/mo, 362.29€/mo

Qurādu Order Form
- Name:
- Nation:
- Place of Residence:
- Requested Karāšu:
- Requested duration of contract:
- Are you or your nation in an active state of conflict? <Y/N>
- Are you within the means to afford this Karāšu for 3+ months? <Y/N>
- Do you believe this Karāšu may return with at least 20% of its members surviving? <Y/N>
- Do you understand that Qurādu will not fight one another, and that if you hire these Qurādu against an enemy who has Qurādu they will not engage? <Y/N>
- Do you understand that the Qurādu are permitted to leave immediately and without warning if you subject them to mistreatment? <Y/N>
- Do you understand that the Qurādu are professional and disciplined soldiers, and that you are paying for the privilege to have them fight aside your armies? <Y/N>
- Is this conflict an act of revolt against a nation or entity? <Y/N>
- Is this conflict an act of aggression against a nation or entity? <Y/N>
- Are you hiring these Qurādu because you believe that you will be under attack within five months of their arrival? <Y/N>
-If none of these, explain here:

The Ashakadan Empire thanks you for your cooperation. May Ashak guide you to victory.

Contracts may be annulled at any time. Contracts may not extend three years. Hiring fee is an upfront payment of the monthly fee. 1,500K fee for abuses unrelated to random injury or battle wounds. 150K fee for each fallen soldier during the first month. TG with concerns.

The Qurādu Karāšu of Ihlzer and Dreqihl respectively.

The Empire of Ashakad