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TEP Ministry of WA Affairs: Official Opinion on "Commend Woonsocket"

Opinion on Commend Woonsocket
Office of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs of the East Pacific

A resolution to Commend Woonsocket has recently reached the floor of the Security Council. The claims it makes as to the nominee's character and long history of regional leadership are accurate enough, and capture the larger part of the nominee's contribution to the international environment.

However, the ministry finds the content of these praises less compelling. The listed accomplishments include such things as positions within the government of 10000 Islands, actions performed in the capacity of a government official expected to act in the interests of 10000 Islands, and foreign exploits undergone in the name of 10000 Islands. Truly, the commendation offers little in the way of action done in the interest of strengthening or benefiting the international community as a whole. Quite arguably, some of the actions praised in this commendation did more to harm and destabilize interregional politics than anything else.

On this basis, while the commendation is well-written and demonstrates unswerving loyalty toward the nominee's home region, the ministry finds it insufficient to justify World Assembly commendation. We recommend a vote against this resolution.