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The Modernized Uvoanian Military

The Uvoanian Military, modernized before, during, and after, the Second Uvoanian Civil War, can be held up around the world as a shining example of military strength. From ages 18 to 22, all Uvoanians are then required to spend four years in the military, or similar systems- Such as the Militia, Aid Divisions, Standard Military, or ectera. After this, the military will help them to find a job within their chosen field of specialization. This gives Uvoan a massive military pool to pull from, and ensures that every citizen is trained in matter of the military, and militia. As such, the estimate size that Uvoan can pull on in times of war... Can be quite massive.

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The Ground Forces

The Artillery

The Rail Batallions

The Specialized Divisions

The Navy

The Airforce

The Intelligence Core

Strike Kings Forces

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