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Demography of Aigania (Organics): current model WIP (almost done!)

(Gameplay design notes and reason)

Since having to build a detailed description in game of the population to max canon pointing every stat and issue is usually fruitless (nobody look it up and tedious I have resorted to using CYOAs to shorten and summarize the process).

The TokHaar Gol CYOA. It has great flexibility to making variant human races

Model: Aigania Prime (genengineered Homo Sapiens with further enhancement modifications).
Designer AI: White Wisdom
Year: 2020



Virus Strain

Single Strain


Host: becoming a host of a symbiote during the infection/transformation time

Transformation Rate

3 Months


None is inmune to the strain (100 % infection of baseline humans)


The transformation virus don't cause any noticeable change , the host look just like they did before they became infected

Mutation Sub options

Immortality: The host of the strain is biologically immortal, they will not age and diseases wonít affect them. However the host can still be killed. Alternatively you can increase the average lifespan of the strainís host instead of granting them immortality.


Intelligence: Level 4: Gain a mind which surpasses a supercomputer, process millions of thoughts at the same time.
Telepathy: Level 4/4: Telepathy with global range
Strength: Level 1/4: Gain peak human strength
Agility: Level 1/4: Gain peak human agility, speed and reflexes.
Regeneration: Level 1/4: Any wound will heal in days.
Invulnerability Level 1/4: Gains a minor reduction to damage


Self-aware: the host is self-aware of its transformation