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Your region - A guide

Welcome to Northern Utopia! This is a guide to the region, with information on our roleplay, rules, government and more.

Overview and important links

Northern Utopia is composed of two defining parts - the roleplay on the RMB and the regional government.

The Regional Message Board (RMB) is where all nations can engage in international roleplay, including diplomacy, war and sport (amid other things). All members of the region can post on the RMB and get involved in roleplay. To become a part of the roleplay, nations should introduce themselves on the Regional Message Board with a post about their nation (e.g. what your leader is like, your nation's ideology). It's really quite easy after that; gradually, nations become more integrated into the roleplay by joining in.

Roleplay on the Regional Message Board is an incredibly important part of the region, but it is the regional government that holds power and governs. The government, including an elected president and vice president, protects the region from threats, represents the region in the wider NationStates community, helps members of the region with queries and questions and enforces roleplay rules on the RMB.

Not all of the region is so serious - there are polls and a Discord server for general conversation. A roleplay regional map is also kept and updated.

Regional Message Board/roleplay rules

The RMB has a number of rules designed to keep it in order - as does the roleplay.

RMB rules:

  1. Do not post one word/one sentence messages. (If you're new and you do this before reading this, it's fine.)

  2. Do not have trivial or unnecessary non-roleplay conversations.

  3. Respect the word of regional government members.

  4. Do not post spam.

  5. Do not hold extensive 'real-world' discussions (use our Discord server instead).

  6. Do not bring business from other regions or organisations to the Regional Message Board (ie. don't have arguments that have nothing to do with the region).

  7. Respect other members of the region - harassment or bullying of any type is strictly forbidden.

  8. Don't use puppets to create the illusion of support.

Roleplay rules:

  1. Do not 'god-mod' in roleplay - ie. do not use unbelievable scenarios or occurrences to change the course of the story or gain the upper hand (be realistic).

  2. Do not use roleplay to further an argument.

  3. If using puppet nations (other nations that you control) within the region, you must disclose this information to regional government members if they ask for it.

  4. Respect the wishes of other roleplaying nations. If a nation doesn't want their capital destroyed, don't create a story arc around that very thing.

  5. Respect the word of regional government members.

  6. If a part of the roleplay is declared non-canon, do not reference the events of that part.

  7. You may not 'invent' better military or economic statistics for your nation. Use the NationStates data or downplay said data.

  8. Do not spam the RMB with multiple roleplay posts with little information. Where possible, use as few posts as possible.

  9. Do not use 'real-world' characters or nations in roleplay.

Regional government and elections

The regional government of Northern Utopia is the ultimate authority of the region; it regulates roleplay and the RMB, protects the region from invading parties/raiders and reports on the state of the region on a regular basis.

Executive/cabinet members:

As a government that strives to be representative of the public, each member of Northern Utopia is eligible to vote in presidential and Representative Assembly elections (these occur once per term of 60 days).

The next election is:
July 2020

In addition to being eligible to vote, all members of Northern Utopia are eligible to run for office. Those who wish to submit their candidacy should telegram The Kohen stating their intention (and naming their vice presidential running mate and/or party if appropriate).

Elections for the Representative Assembly occur at the same time as elections for the presidency.


Regions looking for an embassy should make contact (preferably by telegram) with a member of the Northern Utopia regional government. All embassy requests must be considered by the Secretary of Foreign Relations or the President.

This is an official regional dispatch.