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Government passes anti-homosexual Moral Protection Act

The Kiroli Times
The government has recently passed a law further restricting homosexual activity in Adalzica.

The law, entitled the Moral Protection Act of 118 L.E., included such acts as increasing the gay age of consent to 21, criminalising "homosexual propaganda", limiting public expression of homosexuality, and repealing general anti-discrimination laws. Such an Act was long anticipated from the National Action Party, and has received praise from vocal right-wing and religious groups. The Supreme Overseer of Kanulelai commended the law,

It is great to see that, once again, Mr. Roony is returning the morals our Kanulelai ancestors once took for granted.
— Kehi Balri Naleuke (@KehiKanulelaai) [verified Supreme Overseer of Kanulelai]

The international community has given mainly negative responses to Adalzica's new law, such as the President of Kogskinogska and the Progressive Party in Soyix on Tweetbook.

This attack on the freedom of sexuality in Adalzica is just further proof that our western neighbour is going to continue leaning further and further to the right, and at some point they're going to fall over.
— Hexde Pixel (@HexdePixel6) [verified Kogskinogski President]
The Moral Protection Act stands against the rights which Adalzican people strived for years to achieve. It is another example of the work that the country’s leadership has done to dismantle freedoms. Sad!
— Unnow Neim (@UnnowNNeim) [verified Soyixan Legislator]

Reporters in Soyix have found that the Adalzican embassy in Soyix is currently overrun with Soyixan protestors condemning Adalzica for these actions.

The United Socialist States of New Arkington also gave a negative statement on this:

This is a sign of a corrupt government full of people who care not for the people they're governing but for making themselves famous and becoming powerful. Such governments must be toppled.
— Saibankan Q Corvus, Chairwomen of NA and Leader of SUCC

An anonymized survey earlier in the year found that around 53% of the population supported to "strengthen restrictions on homosexuality", with 40% wanting to "keep the current laws", and only 7% wanting to "loosen restrictions on homosexuality".

William Roony himself commented on this, saying:

While democratic nations may condemn our government for this supposed breach of rights, Adalzica will bow to no foreign leader when defending her integrity. We, unlike other selfish leaders of the world, understand that the family is at the heart of all nations, and that the people spoke about this the day we were elected. What is democracy, but the will of the people being carried out?

Is this simply to protect the family out or are we going back on years of progress? Only time will tell as the government continues its reforms to our lives and government.