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The Kingdom of Havalland

Flag and Coat of arms

Motto: Honor and Chivalry

Anthem: Dearest Country Mine


Population: 13,000,000

Capital: Kingston
Largest City: Kork

Official Language: English, French, German

National Language: English

Demonym: Havallish

Government: Monarchy
- King: Leon Wolf III
- Chancellor: Brandon Deckard
- Dukes: Elizabeth Wolf of Abbey
Jacob Wolf of Wix
Samuel Lucas of Burro
Victoria Vince of Turwick

- Lords: Lord Connor Cromwell
Lord Jessica Anders
Lord Alex Anders
Lord Andrew Martin

Legislature: Council of Parliament

Establishment: unknown around 100 AD

Land Area: 10,900 mile˛

GDP (nominal): 304.5 Billion
GDP (nominal) per capita: 26,125

Human Development Index (NS Version): 0.895

Currency: Fer Ł

Time Zone: Western Standered

Drives on the: Left

Calling code: +9

Internet TLD: .HRG


In 12BCE migrants from the northern Germanic lands and southern Frankish lands settled on the large island named Havalland by its Haval-Germanic settlers and Terre de prospérité du Nord by its southern settlers. as both became distant from their homelands they took the island and even fought amongst themselves with the native daoine bho thěrean brčagha people (who called the island těr maise) taking their preferred sides.

in 1050-1072 the Kingdom of Havalland went to war with the Kingdom of Terre de prospérité du Nord, ending in a Havalish defeat, King Erik Von Strausen would take refuge with a northern nation until 1075 with [nation] mercs and the remaining Havallish army and in 1080 he would sign a treaty returning the two kingdoms to their original borders until 1085 when havalland would once again war with Terre de prospérité du Nord, this time annexing their southern neighbor. It is unknown what happened to King Fidele Geoffry but it is speculated that he married into a noble house in Belle Isle.
These events would later be known as the 40 years war.

In 1100 Havalland declared a holy war against the native pagans

1414 under King Erik Klaus III Havalland invaded Solaryia and would found the colonial town of New Everenn.
In 1419 Havalland continued its invasion and brought all of Solaryia under the Havallish banner.

In 1603, A coup lead by Lucas Erhardt overthrows the "Red King" Johan Klaus and becomes the first king of Havalland to speak English instead of German.
Later that year Havalland takes control of Manjat to control the Manjat straight.

In 1625 Hans Ehrhardt I becomes king and married Lordess Julianne Schmidt.
Later in 1632 Havalland conquers the Island of Turwick with limited casualties.
In 1653, king Hans dies and King Hans Ehrhardt II becomes King.

In 1654 king Hans II marries Tástilí Mgar-rćn of the Iszkarian Empire, this leads to the establishment of Doelá.
He died in 1699 leaving King Hans Ehrhardt III to take care of his mother until her passing in 1710.
Hans III later married Aspru of House Mgar.
[1715 war wip]

Hans III died in 1730, it is speculated that Aspru became depressed, she died five years later.
King Hans Ehrhardt IV ruled relatively normally until the Solaryia Revolt in 1749, Havalland fought for two years until public unrest and the parliament declaring the war “a pointless waste of resources” in 1751 Havalland would offer peace with the Treaty of Roseport granting Solaryia it’s independence. Hans IV would pass away in his sleep in 1769 his son Hans V ruled for one year and died from TB, the crown would fall to his nephew king Maximus I.

emissaries from King Maximus had sough the hand of Armand's sister, Amélie in marriage. The emissaries had dangled promises advantageous trading right, which promised revenue, and possibly a military alliance. King Armand had rejected these emissaries, who appealed to the then Prince Victor for support. A secret treaty was signed by Prince Victor, and shortly after the death of King Armand, the emissaries came to collect Amélie, and were only able to do so when Victor intervened personally, and persuaded his sister to go. King Maximus married Amélie, and the same year had a child, also named Maximus
Amélie grew to like Havalland and even King Maximus, a royal marriage wouldn't be so successful until queen Elerhī.

In the Ilse, the nobility were scandalised. Maximilien had been married when he invaded the Ilse, and Armand also had a French wife, but both had insisted that their male female relations alike marry prominent nobles in the Ilse, and so it had been. Victor's actions, especially so soon after his noble father's death, were viewed with extreme hostility, and a group of nobles rode to Ost-in-Edhil, with a petition to retrieve Victor's sister, which King Victor did not grant them an audience to present. These petitioners gradually amassed a long list of grievances, of which Victor spawned many by his policies; Victor had acted with dispatch in appointing new Royal officers and expanding Royal power.

Eventually, the Petitioner's gathered their levies and vassals and marched to Ost-in-Edhil, to present their petition, and the King came to them with a large army of his own. After a short battle, the King's men retreated, and the two armies camped outside Ost-in-Edhil.

King Maximus would come to Victor's aid, the Havallish soldiers came to their first battle behind Victor's army, the kings banner was raised as they marched.
Though th Havallish soldiers had been very advantageous Victor was defeated, king Maximus was forced to swear off any claims to the Ilsan throne.


King Maximus IV was only 13 when his father died leaving his mother as queen until he came of age in 1858 in 1865 he married Princess Elerhī of Nhoor, often regarded as the sweetest royal couple, when they got married, Maximus IV had a beautiful Duvactist Temple built for her, giving it the nickname "Elerhī's Temple".
Maximus would only buy Elerhī the best, when she tried to return the favor Maximus simply said "I already have everything I want".

They where grief stricken when Maximus Wolf V had died of TB (leading to the myth of five being an unlucky number)
But they pulled through together.
Unfortunately in 1902 Elerhī died sending Maximus into a deep depression, he abdicated two months later and on October 2nd, 1905 Maximus IV had comited suicide by gun, he was found by his son Leon hours later.
Maximus was laid to rest beside Elerhī's grave, his stone reads "Maximus Wolf IV, 1840 - 1905, cause of death: Heartbreak".

1920, Havalland Is split in a civil war with the People’s Revolutionary Army of Havalland, a National Communist party (similar to Nazbols)
[rp wip?]

During reconstruction Havalland returned control of Manjat back to the Aziran Isles in 1947