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Posts of win (WIP)

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•Welcome to the spoiler! ^.^ You are a great person and you should love yourself!
Looks like Valentine Z has infected another survivor. The cheeriness is spreading. All is lost.
-From this thread.

Garden at 6th Mile Road

•I will have to say Japan, given the cartoon culture. Not necessarily because of "Yay, anime!" all over, though... I'm sure they might have a degree of anime, but if you look beyond that, RL Japan actually has a lot of other cartoons going about, all decorating the city very nicely.Either Modern Japan, or 1980s-1990s US where Saturday and Sunday cartoons took the kids by storm.
-From this thread.

Valentine Z

•Add cartoon weapons of sheer destruction.
-From this thread.


•[05:09] Voc: "time to lore some goddamn ipsum"
[05:09] Voc: obv
-From a Discord server.

Yegla Islands

•Establish naval dominance, which shouldn't be too taxing. Proceed with coastal bombardment alongside a conventional invasion. Have LODESTONE counteract whatever usage of hammerspace they may or may not have come up with, and apply heavy warding to all troops as a counter to particle cannons (in whatever form they are implemented). Collect samples of the foam, deduce a counter-agent to dissolve it. Have HELMINTH go in equipped with said counter-agent. EMP shouldn't be too much of an issue due to aforementioned warding. Knowing the AU, I probably missed something somewhere, but everything else seems straightforward.
-From this thread.
•With half of F7 buried under low-effort posts and threadjackers, can Astoria survive les mois de troublés?
-From this thread.

"But right now, in America, they’re bludgeoning the word “free-speech” because they’re not given a platform to spread their stupid ideas. People delete comments which I make, I delete comments and ban users and they say it’s anti-free-speech when it’s just that we don’t want to give you more platforms to spread your f---ing garbage. You should not be arrested for spreading your garbage, that is free speech but in terms of helping you to spread your awful garbage, that’s not a free speech issue."
You finally google search all the clues and sure enough the lockbox opens.
m=BycCEf,F8FRnd,NBZ7u,TxZWcc,WlxEYd,Wq6lxf,XFHqe,XMgU6d,XjCeUc,aa,aam1T,abd,aspn,async,bgd,dvl,exdc,fEVMic,foot,kyn,lazG7b,lu,m,mI3LFb,mUpTid,mpck,mu,oc8g5d,qik19b,sb_wiz,sf,sonic,spch,tl,vs,xz7cCd?xjs=s1:36 You found red o!
m=BycCEf,F8FRnd,NBZ7u,TxZWcc,WlxEYd,Wq6lxf,XFHqe,XMgU6d,XjCeUc,aa,aam1T,abd,aspn,async,bgd,dvl,exdc,fEVMic,foot,kyn,lazG7b,lu,m,mI3LFb,mUpTid,mpck,mu,oc8g5d,qik19b,sb_wiz,sf,sonic,spch,tl,vs,xz7cCd?xjs=s1:49 Friends:
m=BycCEf,F8FRnd,NBZ7u,TxZWcc,WlxEYd,Wq6lxf,XFHqe,XMgU6d,XjCeUc,aa,aam1T,abd,aspn,async,bgd,dvl,exdc,fEVMic,foot,kyn,lazG7b,lu,m,mI3LFb,mUpTid,mpck,mu,oc8g5d,qik19b,sb_wiz,sf,sonic,spch,tl,vs,xz7cCd?xjs=s1:49 red o found
m=BycCEf,F8FRnd,NBZ7u,TxZWcc,WlxEYd,Wq6lxf,XFHqe,XMgU6d,XjCeUc,aa,aam1T,abd,aspn,async,bgd,dvl,exdc,fEVMic,foot,kyn,lazG7b,lu,m,mI3LFb,mUpTid,mpck,mu,oc8g5d,qik19b,sb_wiz,sf,sonic,spch,tl,vs,xz7cCd?xjs=s1:49 yellow o found
m=BycCEf,F8FRnd,NBZ7u,TxZWcc,WlxEYd,Wq6lxf,XFHqe,XMgU6d,XjCeUc,aa,aam1T,abd,aspn,async,bgd,dvl,exdc,fEVMic,foot,kyn,lazG7b,lu,m,mI3LFb,mUpTid,mpck,mu,oc8g5d,qik19b,sb_wiz,sf,sonic,spch,tl,vs,xz7cCd?xjs=s1:49 blue g found
m=BycCEf,F8FRnd,NBZ7u,TxZWcc,WlxEYd,Wq6lxf,XFHqe,XMgU6d,XjCeUc,aa,aam1T,abd,aspn,async,bgd,dvl,exdc,fEVMic,foot,kyn,lazG7b,lu,m,mI3LFb,mUpTid,mpck,mu,oc8g5d,qik19b,sb_wiz,sf,sonic,spch,tl,vs,xz7cCd?xjs=s1:49 green l found
m=BycCEf,F8FRnd,NBZ7u,TxZWcc,WlxEYd,Wq6lxf,XFHqe,XMgU6d,XjCeUc,aa,aam1T,abd,aspn,async,bgd,dvl,exdc,fEVMic,foot,kyn,lazG7b,lu,m,mI3LFb,mUpTid,mpck,mu,oc8g5d,qik19b,sb_wiz,sf,sonic,spch,tl,vs,xz7cCd?xjs=s1:49 red e found

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