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Radetzky Convention

On the 27th of May 2019, an economic treaty was signed between the Commonwealth of Astia Polyana, the Republic of Chercheska, the Socialist Federated Republic of Macecadia and the People's Republic of Elcampia, which created, within the Socialist Economic Union, a Deregulated Commercial Zone which will allow free movement of labour, goods and capital. In order to allow trade to flourish between the signatories of the convention, a standardised currency, the Collective Financial Commission Covertible Mark, (shortened to Convertible Mark) has been adopted by member states. The member states were selected in recognition of their economies being the fastest growing in the region, and it was agreed that economic cooperation even closer than the existing agreements would be beneficial in continued growth. With a combined GDP of over 500 trillion Convertible Marks, the member states will also continue to promote economic growth and free trade within the greater Socialist Economic Union.

Astia polyana