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Vice President Ignatius Armein-Leopold, Heiress of Emazia

Biography Template wrote:

Full Name: Vice President Ignatius Armein-Leopold, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Emazia

Also Known As: The Steel Lady

Race/Species: Human, white.

Sex and Gender: Female

Age: 44

Birthday: 24th of May

Birthplace: Knightsbridge, London

Current Residence: Emazian Vice Presidential Palace, Chelsea

Current Occupation: Vice Presidential Palace of Emazia, Mayfair

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Widowed

Languages Spoken: Emazian, English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Latin, Ancient Greek

Religious Beliefs: Church of Emazia

Physical Appearance: See photo

Inventory: A crown, an arming sword and a golden sceptre.

A horse.
A convertible car.

Usual Attire:
Royal clothes, adorned with jewels and fur. Basically extremely expensive and extravagant clothes.

Personality Details: Passionate, furious and willing to subdue anyone in her path. Short temper, fierce, vicious. Slightly narcissistic. Sort of a demagogue-type leader. Rash and authoritarian.

Habits: Spends her spare time making plans/fantasting. Is completely devoted to the art of leadership and to nothing else.

Picture: Link


Phobias and Mental Illnesses:

Physical Disabilities: