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MMRL-1 "Bullfrog" MRL

MMRL-1 "Bullfrog" Multiple Rocket Launcher

MMRL-1 "Bullfrog" MRL

General Overview

Type: Multiple Rocket Launcher

Country of Orgin: Republic of Port Ember

Designed: 2000 - 2010

Produced By: Hydra Industries

Production: 2011 - Current

Service History: 2012 - Current

Specifications Overview

Mass: 9t

Length: 8.5m

Width: 2.5m

Height: 3m

Crew: 2


127mm Rockets

40 x Barrels

Technical Specifications

10-cylinder water-cooled diesel - 600hp

20.89 hp/t

6x6 Wheeled, Fully independent active trailing arm

Operational Range
1000 km

Road: 120 km/h
Off-road: 80 km/h


The MMRL-1 "Bullfrog" was designed over the period 2000 - 2010, undergoing several gruesome military suitability tests until all issues was resolved. The result of this long development and gruesome tests is a military vehicle which have gained legendary status amongst its users and enemies alike.

The vehicle was purpose built to fit specifically into Port Ember Security Forces doctrine, which emphasises a type of rapid manouvre warfare.


The "Bullfrog" is a Port Emberian self-propelled multiple rocket launcher. It is a 127mm system with a wheeled launcher vehicle, disposable pods, and fire control equipment developed by Hydra Industries. Based on a mine protected Phoenix 100 10 ton 6x6 carrier. Its mission is to engage in counter-battery strikes against hostile artillery and air defences as far as 100km away. Other potential warheads include cluster and an anti-tank mine dispenser. The weapon can fire up to 40 127mm pre-fragmented high explosive warheads to ranges of 7.5km to 100km at sea level singly or using ripple fire, firing up to 1 rocket per second. Reload can take less than 10 minutes and in/out-of-action time is one and two minutes respectively. The system is supported by a Phoenix 100 ammunition truck carrying 96 rockets and crew who help with the reloading.

The weapons system is equipped with an automated laying and fire control system, along with an autonomous satellite navigation and positioning system. Positioning and firing data are exchanged between the launch vehicle and the command vehicle.


The Bullfrog uses 127mm Rockets as its main armament, which comes with the following variety of warheads:

- Pre-fragmented High Explosive
- Cluster
- Anti Tank Mines Dispenser

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