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The Force Flyer Issue XXIII


Force's Military catching up to speed, Turmoil in the Communications department, Discord rules broken and discussion channel bleached, and this Month's RP - all in this month's edition!
Force Military Participates in Defense of the Warzone Federation by The chariot

In recent news, the Warzone Federation, a coalition of the Warzones meant to provide a stable government, came under attack from the New Pacific Order and Ballpit and Black keep Militias. In response, they called upon several forces to defend, including Force’s.

The context? Former Federation Secretary of Moderation and Former Head of Asiastate (WZFs official name for its constituent territories), Ballpit, defected to the NPO, directing them to attack Warzones owned. Black Keep, one of Ballpit’s supporters, lead a successful attack on Warzone Airspace, overthrowing the native delegate who was backed by WZF. The Lazarus Regional Guard, North Pacific Army, and various mercenaries managed to take back the Airstate.

Contacted by Dinoium, Secretary of State of the Warzone Federation, the Force Army joined in to reinforce the delegacy, though NPO had stopped attacking. Eight Force troops participated as pilers in Warzone Airspace, Warzone Sandbox, and Warzone Asia, two of which fell out of WZF hands. Marking perhaps the first major operation by the Force Army, this perhaps foreshadows the potential of our already increasingly active military.

The Curse of the Minister of Communications by The chariot

Hey, remember when the Force Flyer was released daily? Neither do I. After a string of Ministers of Communications who’ve done nothing, a longstanding tradition since our first, Caduceo, our most promising released a single newspaper before resigning.

Citing other duties as a cause for inactivity, Spoonifo, also known as Dinoium, resigned and released a public apology for his inability to perform. “Wait, Dinoium?”, I hear you asking, “Former Deputy Minister of Communications in TNP, legislator for TNP and Pacifica, Judge of Pacifica, and Secretary of State for WZF among others?”, to which I answer, yes, that is how severe our MoComms curse is.

After a single article meant to cover two hectic months of activity within Force, two flimsy, rushed, articles and a paper with subpar formatting was released along with Dino’s resignation letter. In lieu of the lack of choices, with Salibaic being in an unfavorable position after his court case with Libertatis Regalis, and other options either already holding positions or not being competent, Caduceo, the disgraced former minister, once again took up the mantle. And the results? You can see for yourself.

Caduceo, Chariot, Chundukeratopia, and Centaurs by Caduceo

Around the second of May, in Force's Discussion channel, one of the most active and most accessible channels in the Discord server, was temporarily turned to read-only between 5:49 to 6:04, as Renegalle deleted 114 messages sent collectively by Caduceo, The Chariot, and Chundukeratopia after breaking rule number six of the server rules, "No lewd media or conversations; jokes and hinting at things is fine, but be sensible" while conversing about centaurs, more specifically centaur intercourse and several other Equidae family members. Hentai, Rule 34, and Splatoon were also involved. While we currently have no access to these deleted messages, quoted below are statements from the people involved excerpted from post-deletion;

"I think this is a good time to re-evaluate the rules put in place on this server." ~ Renegalle

"Can't believe I got muted for splatoon hentai xD, It would just be really squishy" ~ Chundukeratopia

"Going to run for delegate of TNP on the campaign that I got Force's discussion channel closed down for talking about horse sex" ~ The chariot

• Was first MoComm, disappeared abruptly
• Temporarily shut down a channel in the regional Discord after discussing the logistics of horses" ~ Caduceo

The situation eventually ended in Renegalle revising the rule to a more specific version, and the discussion channel continuing to function for the use of citizens. Clearly a peak of Force's achievements.

May Roleplay News - War and Communism by Salibaic

Renegalle and Salibaic has invaded Elysium after its non-cooperation. Originally Salibaic was on Elysium's side but due to pressure from Renegalle with threats to destroy Salibaic, they joined forces. This came about from an old rivalry between Elysium and several other people created after the great Elysium War. Elysium, after losing the war, was made into a Republic and paid Renegalle and Salibaic $25 Billion each in reparations.

Communism is on the rise as we can see from the Siberian Union in a matter of days, becoming a Communist Republic. Adlandia was the only communist nation previously who had been known for committing numerous human right abuses.

A major war between Renegalle and Carropia happened after Carropia has been constantly denouncing Renegalle for its interference in international affairs and forced removal of Salibaic land. This went to so far at one point that the UN almost sanctioned Renegalle, while denouncing Renegalle. The war was a victory for Renegalle with them taking $600 Billion in reparations.

Major Terrorist attacks happened across Salibaic with hundreds killed and thousands injured. The Communist Party of Salibaic claimed the attacks as theirs which has lead to a crackdown on communists in Salibaic. A meeting took place between Salibaic and Renegalle regarding the attacks as the attacks also targeted the Renegalle Embassy in Salibaic.

New nations have entered the area of planet Force with nation such as Loomburg gaining support from Salibaic and Siberian Union both with non-aggression pacts. Archonai also have gained support from Siberian Union with land concessions to Archonai.

A new alliance has been made called the Imperial Alliance which is chaired by Salibaic. The Alliance is to protect Empires such as Salibaic. It's hopeful to gain more members in the future.




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