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Imperial News

War in the Balkans

Today at 4:18 in the morning an official declaration of war was sent to The Osmani Caliphate. The reason being to free the Christians of the Balkans. It was also revealed today that the government and emperor have been making agreements with Balkan princes and separatist groups that en exchange for freedom from the caliphate they would align with the empire. An army of 2 million under the command of Prince Matthieu is preparing for warfare in the Balkans and this war will be the first use of armored tanks on the battlefield. Conscription is also active with all adults eligible being asked to conscript.

The Silver Jubilee
In one weeks time, we will celebrate The 25-year anniversary of the coronation and reign of Matthieu XV. Many foreign musicians and delegates have been invited. The imperial princes will also be touring select parts of the empire. Many celebrations are being held with the jubilee expected to last 3 days.

Prince Harold alive!
Prince Harold the only son and heir to Henri VI may in fact be alive. Believe to have gone MIA at age 19 during the Indochinese wars almost 40 years ago my have been discovered alive and well outside Tonkin last week. A Man in his late 50s matching all descriptions of the prince was found just walking to his house. The only reason the man was discovered was a member of the princes platoon visiting the area notice the man and found that he spoke in fluent French and Court Latin. Upon further inspection the man was noticed to act in a very regal way and resemble the late prince.

More on this story coming soon