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Specializations and Subdivisions within the UYDF Amphibious Assault Corps


The Amphibious Assault Corps of the United Yeglan Defense Forces is a blanket term, covering practically all ground forces (infantry or not) fielded by the UYDF. Subdivisions and regiments of the AAC are typically identified by their regimental subtype - a basic guideline with regards to the equipment and purpose of the regiment in question, which may be selectively applied to each regiment in turn. While specific groupings and detachments may utilize modified equipment layouts and be specialized for unorthodox tasks, the most commonly-deployed specializations are provided below as a form of guideline. Note that no specialized division equivalent to Marines exists - this is due to the fact that all ground forces receive marine-equivalent training, and are fully capable of amphibious deployment and action.

Regimental Specializations

Light Infantry
Fleet of Foot.

Typical Equipment: SCS "Zorya" (Recon configuration), HCS "Dolya" (Shrike configuration)

Typical Armament: MAP5 "Stheno" (MAP5-A, MAP5-C, MAP-5-SB, MAP-5-M), SAP5 "Euryale" (SAP5-S), PDP3 "Kresnik" (standalone, reduced-weight), VPG "Simarg"

Typical Vehicular Support: MVP-6 "Limestone" (unshielded configuration), UVP-4 "Basalt"

As the name would suggest, Light Infantry regiments tend to be lightly-equipped and highly mobile. They are generally equipped with Zorya rigs that prioritize mobility and stealth over carrying capacity and heavy armor, and their vehicles tend to be rapid-transit and lightly-plated. Dolya rigs are uncommon, and seldom used in any configuration other than Shrike. Light Infantry regiments are generally employed for harassment and flanking, and their mobility makes them excellent for reconnaissance.

Heavy Infantry
Break Them.

Typical Equipment: SCS "Zorya" (Reinforced configuration), HCS "Dolya" (Bastion configuration)

Typical Armament: MAP5 "Stheno" (MAP5-A, MAP5-C, MAP5-S, MAP5-SA, MAP5-M, MAP5-MH), SAP5 "Euryale" (SAP5-H), PDP3 "Kresnik" (underbarrel), PDP4 "Nemiza", VPG "Simarg"

Typical Vehicular Support: UVP-4 "Basalt", AVP-6 "Granite" (AVP-6-H, AVP-6-HC, AVP-6-I)

Heavy Infantry regiments are generally the ones making up the bulk of the fighting force. Their liberal use of Bastion pattern Dolya suits and comparatively heavier classes of weaponry allow them to output a level of firepower far out of proportion to what would normally be expected from their personnel counts. They are typically not deployed in rough terrain, however - their preferred combat environments are situated on flat ground or in an urban setting.

Light Mechanized
Go Forth.

Typical Equipment: SCS "Zorya" (Recon configuration)

Typical Armament: MAP5 "Stheno" (MAP5-A, MAP5-C, MAP-5-SB, MAP-5-M), SAP5 "Euryale" (SAP5-S, SAP5-A), PDP3 "Kresnik" (standalone, reduced-weight), PDP4 "Nemiza", VPG "Simarg"

Typical Vehicular Support: MVP-6 "Limestone" (unshielded configuration), UVP-4 "Basalt", AVP-6 "Granite" (AVP-6-H, AVP-6-HC, AVP-6-I, AVP-6-SA, AVP-6-A)

Light Mechanized regiments are an odd form of specialization - though their vehicles lack the firepower and durability of their Heavy Mechanized cousins, they are nonetheless more formidable in a direct fight than infantry regiments. Their armaments are generally geared towards anti-infantry combat, and they are employed in a role most similar to that of Light Infantry - as flankers, harassers and scouts. Worth noting is their aptitude for troop transportation - even Heavy Infantry may be moved across the battlefield with unprecedented speed.

Heavy Mechanized
Hammer to Anvil.

Typical Equipment: SCS "Zorya" (Reinforced configuration), HCS "Dolya" (Bastion & Paladin configurations)

Typical Armament: MAP5 "Stheno" (MAP5-A, MAP5-C, MAP5-S, MAP5-SA, MAP5-M, MAP5-MH), SAP5 "Euryale" (SAP5-A, SAP5-H), PDP3 "Kresnik" (underbarrel, heavy standalone), PDP4 "Nemiza", VPG "Simarg"

Typical Vehicular Support: MVP-6 "Limestone" (Shielded & Armed configuration), UVP-4 "Basalt", AVP-6 "Granite" (AVP-6-M, AVP-6-H, AVP-6-I, AVP-6-SA, AVP-6-A, AVP-6-S)

Heavy Mechanized regiments are deployed as a vanguard force, to break through heavily-saturated enemy positions with overwhelming firepower. These tank-men are often seen fielding the fearsome Paladin-pattern Dolya suits, each one a mobile fortress in itself. Combined with their liberal use of heavily armed and armored vehicles, and the standardization of Bastion-pattern suits as the minimum equipment tier, they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Rain Down.

Typical Equipment: SCS "Zorya" (Recon configuration), TCA "Svarog"

Typical Armament: MAP5 "Stheno" (MAP-5-A, MAP5-S, MAP5-SB, MAP5-SA, MAP-5-SBS), SAP5 "Euryale" (SAP5-S), PDP4 "Nemiza", VPG "Simarg"

Typical Vehicular Support: UVP-4 "Basalt", AVP-6 "Granite" (AVP-6-A, AVP-6-S)

Though Siege regiments may seem somewhat out of place in a modern combat setting, their name is rather deceptive. Their role is variable, thought they typically act in a long-range supportive and logistical capacity, and are rarely seen on the front lines. Composed primarily of combat engineers, snipers, artillerymen and support-trained thaumaturges, each Siege detachment is typically assembled and dispatched with a specific task or directive in mind - as such, their precise makeup can vary.

Dare Tread.

Typical Equipment: SCS "Zorya" (HTT Recon configuration)

Typical Armament: MAP5 "Stheno" (MAP5-A, MAP5-C, MAP5-SB, MAP5-SBS), SAP5 "Euryale" (SAP5-S), PDP3 "Kresnik" (standalone, reduced-weight), VPG "Simarg"

Typical Vehicular Support: MVP-6 "Limestone" (HTT configuration)

Pathfinder regiments are an ultra-specialized form of Light Infantry, specially trained and equipped for action in the harshest of environments. Whether it be sweltering, guerrilla-infested jungle, freezing mountain peaks or treacherous marshland, the Pathfinders come prepared. They themselves are more akin to guerrillas than anything - hit-and-run tactics, expert concealment and targeted strikes, combined with the borderline murderous climate and locale they are deployed in, are very effective army-killers.


Typical Equipment: SCS "Zorya" (Paratrooper configuration)

Typical Armament: MAP5 "Stheno" (MAP5-A, MAP5-C, MAP5-S, MAP5-SB, MAP5-M), SAP5 "Euryale" (SAP5-S), PDP3 "Kresnik" (standalone, reduced-weight), VPG "Simarg"

Typical Vehicular Support: N/A

Striker regiments are often deployed via paradrop or other covert means behind enemy lines. Their purpose may cover assassination, sabotage, or generalized sowing of disarray - rather than direct combat, the tactics they employ are aimed at cutting enemy supply lines, disorienting their command, and generally reducing the effectiveness of their actions against more conventional forces.

Thaumic Light Infantry
Burden Borne.

Typical Equipment: SCS "Zorya" (Recon configuration), TCA "Svarog"

Typical Armament: MAP5 "Stheno" (MAP5-A, MAP5-C, MAP5-SB, MAP5-M), SAP5 "Euryale" (SAP5-S), PDP3 "Kresnik" (standalone, reduced-weight), VPG "Simarg"

Typical Vehicular Support: UVP-4 "Basalt", AVP-6 "Granite" (AVP-6-A, AVP-6-HC)

Thaumic Light Infantry regiments were the first subsection of thaumically-armed troops to branch out from CARDINAL and similar SPUs, and into conventional forces. Currently, Thaumic Light Infantry act as specialized support units, rapidly moving between friendly formations and providing aid via primarily defensive thaumaturgy. They may also undertake targeted removal of enemy assets, or reinforce understaffed regiments - due to the versatility of their equipment, they may fill practically any role if needed.

Thaumic Heavy Infantry
Shock and Awe.

Typical Equipment: HCS "Dolya" (Bastion-delta subconfiguration), TCA "Svarog" (integrated)

Typical Armament: TDS "Zhiva", SAP5 "Euryale" (SAP5-H), PDP3 "Kresnik" (underbarrel), PDP4 "Nemiza", VPG "Simarg"

Typical Vehicular Support: AVP-6 "Granite" (AVP-6-HC, AVP-6-MC, AVP-6-A)

Thaumic Heavy Infantry combine the versatility of thaumaturgy with the doctrine of overwhelming firepower already employed by Heavy Infantry regiments. Their armor, bolstered by layer upon layer of thaumic ward, is nigh-impermeable. Their weapons, capable of rending the enemy apart in ways too grotesque and varied to imagine, are terrifying. More terrifying still is the effect they have on other Yeglan troops - bolstered by their wards and emboldened by their presence, the sight of a Thaumic Heavy Infantry Regiment acts as a force multiplier in any confrontation, as the remainder of the Yeglan cohort are empowered both thaumically and mentally, ready to fight down to the last man.

Terror Clad.

Typical Equipment: SPCS "Zorya-H" (Ironhand configuration)

Typical Armament: HAVP "Indra", SAP5 "Euryale" (SAP5-H), VPG "Simarg"

Typical Vehicular Support: N/A

Ironhand regiments are highly-specialized, seldom deployed and shrouded in mystique since their inception. Conceived in the UYDF's early days as an unorthodox supplement for an overall lack of anti-armor capabilities, they have since evolved into a cadre of elite, almost SPU-esque search and destroy specialists. Few in number, the process of admittance to their ranks is both physically arduous and open exclusively to a hand-picked selection of veteran soldiers. This is further underlined by the fact that such volunteers are few and far between, for their methodology of combat is, among common soldiery, oft considered unusual at best and suicidal at worst.

Each Ironhand is clad in a signature Zorya rig, which places heavy emphasis on hydraulic reinforcement of the right (or sometimes left) arm. This is to protect them from the tremendous recoil of their uniquely crafted Indra anti-armor pistols - better described as hand cannons, the shock of even a single shot could easily snap unbraced bone. They are also equipped with active camouflage systems, which change the colouring and pattern of their clothing and armor to match the environment as closely as possible, as well as hiding them near-perfectly from thermal sensing. Such systems are complimented by a modified, self-cast construct matrix, which afflicts each operative with Anchor - dampening any inherent paranatural capabilities they may possess, while at the same time entirely immunizing them to hazards stemming from such.

An Ironhand will first get close to their target via a combination of stealth and rapid movement, assisted by specialized systems within the legs of their Zorya suits which both muffle them and drastically enhance the locomotive powers of their leg muscles. They strike with blinding speed, target be damned; round after armor-piercing round tears through vehicular armor seams at point-blank range, wreaking havoc on the crew and systems within. Infantry is cut down by sprays of cannon-caliber shot, and even those fancying themselves supernaturally-gifted find their enchantments sapped and their arcane weapons near-useless. Each Ironhand is also equipped with a collapsible blade, as well as state-of-the-art body armor that is incredibly light, yet capable of shrugging off small-arms fire with ease. Though rarely seen, their uncanny penchant for seemingly springing up out of thin air, alongside their blatant disregard for their own safety, have cemented their position as one of the Bureaucracy's most infamous (and awe-inspiring) military assets.

The Stormguard
Before the Thunder.

Typical Equipment: Variable, Classified

Typical Armament: Variable, Classified

Typical Vehicular Support: Variable, Classified

While not technically a subdivision of the AAC, the Stormguard deserves special mention as a borderline-SPU troop specialization. Numbering only four companies, its official purpose is the personal protection of the Vozhd. In a less-formal capacity, they have been known to see service in conflict zones under his express command, as an elite strike force. Composed almost entirely of veterans of the Yeglan Revolution, each member of the Stormguard is rumored to have undergone cybernetic, nanomechanical and/or genetic augmentation - few other explanations exist for their uncanny combat prowess despite what should be fairly advanced age. The outfit is headed by four Commanders, reporting directly to the Vozhd, and each exhibiting direct control over one of the four constituent companies.