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Dramatis personae - Who is who in the Imperium

The following is a list of named characters that appeared in roleplay (RP) posts of Leonism so far. This is intended as a reference and is OOC knowledge, meaning most non-omniscient actors in roleplay will not know every one of these characters.

The current (latest) rank of each person is given in italics, see Rank system of the Imperium for details, as well as the gender and a short description of the role of the person in question.


Last Name, First Name

Sorted by alphabetic order of the last name.

Adler, Jennifer
Prokonsul II. Klasse
47 years old. Vice foreign minister. Rose quickly through the ranks of the foreign ministry and is one of the few imperials to have lived abroad before, namely in The Copper States and Kaskardia. Chiefly responsible for the diplomatic talks with Loftegen 2 and hosting the delegation from that nation.

Antilles, Wilfried
64 years old. Veteran pilot of the Luftwaffe with 44 years of service and over 25.000 flight hours. Commander of the Imperiale Garde - Transportstaffel, the wing of VIP transports including Imperator Konsul Leo's F148 "Kranich" personal airliner. Even at his age still a very handsome man.

Baumgärtner, Jonas
Präfekt I. Klasse
48 years old. A police commissoner in the Imperialpolizei of Blaumeisehaven, he leads the investigation about the terrorist attack on the battleship Invictus.

Buchheim, Lina
41 years old. Captain of the Protector-class frigate Seehund. First person in Leonism to (re-)discover Galfni, West Amerika and Kaskardia.

Bühler, Erika
Legat II. Klasse
38 year old. Pilot/Captain of the F77 transport spaceship Grey 1 on the mission to Altenburg, Loftegen 2.

Fassberg, Tanja
32 years old. One of the best pilots of the Luftwaffe, currently assigned to flying Imperator Konsul Leo's personal F148 "Kranich" airliner. Regarded as the most attractive pilot in the Luftwaffe by many.

Hildebrand, Timo
27 years old. First officer on the Protector-class frigate Seehund, serving under Lina Buchheim.

Höfner, Marcus Tullius
36 years old. CO of the 1269. Sonderstaffel (Jägertruppe), the Imperial special forces unit that accompanied Johann Jaspers original mission to Loftegen 2 and then stayed there for joint counterterrorism operations training with Loftegen's forces.

Janssen, Peter
26 years old. Captain of the Bremen-class corvette ISS Bremen, first to (re-)discover The Copper States after Leonism's period of isolation. Protagonist of the very first RP post by Leonism in Lazarus.

Jaspers, Johann
45 years old. Leader of the intelligence mission to Altenburg, Loftegen 2 and ad-hoc ambassador of the Imperium to that nation.

Köhler, Timo
Minister für das Imperium, comparable to the Minister of the Interior in other nations, a key figure in the security apparatus of the Imperium.

Leo I.
Imperator Konsul
35 years old. Head of state and head of government of the Imperium of Leonism, elected 2 years ago. Ushered in a new era in the history of Leonism by ending a decades-long phase of isolation, opening diplomatic relations to many nations in Lazarus. Among his achievements have been the alliance treaty with Cianlandia, the science and research treaty with The Copper States, the trade and fleet agreement with Hycronesia and a dramatic improvement in the economy, civil rights, political rights and overall living standards in the Imperium of Leonism. Holds a medical degree and a private pilot's license.

Lechner, Malte
35 years old. Foreign Minister of the Imperium of Leonism. A friend of Leo I. since they went to school together, both have risen through the ranks together and supported each other's agenda. A competent and cunning politican, he also was an excellent soldier in his 20s.

Meier-Gerke, Lena
52 years old. Lead the first improvised trade fleet to Hycronesia and nearly sparked a war by arriving in a fleet full of warships. Luckily the situation could be resolved peacefully.

Obermeier, Stefanie
31 years old. Captain of the Bremen-class corvette Sandhausen, the first to meet a ship from Hycronesia and ultimately the first Imperium citizen to set foot to Fortuna, the capital of that nation.

Otterstedt, Julius
22 years old. Member of the Imperiumspolizei-Sonderstaffel, a SWAT team of the Imperial Police, that took out an New Light Order (NLO) hideout in Werderhafe, near Blaumeisehaven.

Preuß, Marco
38 years old. Pilot of the R21 Spatz reconaissance aircraft that first entered the airspace of Your Imaginary Friend.

Rahlberg, Cornelia
Admiral I. Klasse
55 years old. Senior officer in the Imperiale Garde, the imperial guard that protects Imperator Konsul Leo I. and other key figures of the Imperium. Commanded the 30-strong detachment of Garde soldiers on Leo I.'s first state visit to Loftegen 2.

Schulte, Leonhardt
59 years old. Commander of the Imperiale Raumwaffe, the space forces of Leonism.

Siemon, Julia
Tribun (not actually mentioned)
35 years old. Team leader of one of the four-man teams under Johann Jaspers that investigated Loftegen 2 in the wake of the terror attack on Georg Nicholas Square. An attractive and tall brunette, she was at the press conference with Minister Jarret Kale and was the first to be given a question to the Minister.

Sievert, Frauke
29 years old. Captain of the Skylancer-class frigate Seeadler that was undergoing sea trials when it encountered a Wuzukoy-class missile cruiser from Custadia. Witnessed the terrorist attack on the Imperator-class battleship Invictus and thwarted the second attack on the rescue forces with her ship's crew and on-board weapons.

Thiele, Jan
Zenturio (not actually mentioned)
36 years old. Member of the Spionageabwehr (SPAB) team that went to Loftegen 2, he was at the press conference with Minister Jarret Kale and asked him if it was a possibility that the Order of the Light were merely used by another, yet hidden power that wanted to harm both Leonism and Loftegen 2.

Timmermanns, Jan
49 years old. Luftwaffe liasion officer to the delegation from Loftegen 2, working at the headquarters of Luftwaffenbezirk Mitte together with Colonel Jonn Truon from Loftegen.

Valentin (no last name given in the post)
No rank
Newborn. The 7th billion citizen of Leonism to be born, in the Weststadtkrankenhaus hospital on the western outskirts of Leestcheck. Inspired Imperator Konsul Leo I. to a public speech on live TV.

Venkel, Maximilian
63 years old. Second in command of the Spionageabwehr (SPAB), the imperial counter-intelligence agency. Gave orders to Johann Jaspers to fly to Loftegen 2.

Weinberg, Sarah
Legat I. Klasse (not actually specified before which Legat rank she held)
30 years old. Staff member of Großgeneral Maximilian Venkel and the first person in Leonism to hear about the terrorist attack on George Nicholas Square in Altenburg, Loftegen 2, by observing foreign media channels (which is her job).

Wiese, Steffen
57 years old. Head of all imperial intelligence agencies.