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Insurrectionist Logo

"Earth is in the past.
And the past is dead."

Notable Groups:
  • United Rebel Front

  • Freedom/Liberation Party

  • Secessionist Union

  • Sapien Sunrise

  • New Colonial Alliance

  • People's Occupation

  • Reach Rebels

Major Bases:
  • Eridanus Secundus [Formerly]

  • Camp New Hope [Formerly]

  • The Rubble

  • Venezia

  • UNSC

  • UNSC Subdivisions

  • UEG

  • UEG Subdivisions

  • ONI


The Insurrectionists, also known as Innies, insurgents, or simply rebels, are groups of semi-organized terrorist groups fighting against Unified Earth Government rule of the colonies. They want complete autonomy from Earth because they perceived the UEG as a Draconian oppressor and did not believe in advancing their cause through diplomacy. The entire leadership is made of up UNSC and UEG defectors, allowing them to have connections inside the UNSC itself. While there were insurgents fighting for their cause, they also attracted attention from mercenaries looking for monetary gain.

The Innies have been fought by every means. This includes space combat, vehicular combat, air combat, and even CQC. When losing a battle, they tend to resort to guerilla and terroristic actions, such as using large-scale explosives. This does not happen only during a battle, however. Bombings have happened throughout Insurrectionist-controlled territory. Everything they can lay their hands on is stolen. This includes everything from weaponry to entire starships. With the ability to stay under the radar, they operate black markets and far-flung facilities, keeping in contact via ChatterNet's offline mode.

Public opinion swayed during the Insurrection, ranging from sympathy to adversity. There were also some who agreed with the thought to self-governing planets but disagreed with violent methods (mostly soldiers on this one). UNSC propaganda and UEG supporters underlined the unity of all humanity, casting the Insurrectionists as "freeloaders unwilling to contribute to the common good". UNSC High Command stood by the Carver Findings, which was a view presented by scientist Dr. Elias Carver. They stated that colonial peace could only be achieved through military means. Most civilians, however, believed the UEG could have reached peace by meeting the Insurrectionists' demands and granting them independence. The UEG's decision led hundreds of thousands of civilians in Insurrectionist-controlled areas to their deaths. In accordance with the Carver Findings, military operations began.


Most rebel movements started around the mid-2180s. They demanded independence from the Unified Earth Government, with a total of 12 planets with them. Over the next decades, petitions escalated into violence. The fighting spread into UNSC-occupied territory, particularly the Epsilon Eridani star system, which was the heart of the UNSC's power. A variety of tactics were used, ranging from terrorist attacks to ship-to-ship combat.

In 2196, a joint ONI/UNSC operation began in the Eridanus system in response to the murders of civilians and public officials. In 2204, Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE was launched, which targeted various high-ranking Insurrectionists. However, by 2213, the rebels had recaptured the planet of Eridanus II. This allowed for stronger forces to be involved in unexpected skirmishes.

In 2211, a major terrorist attack occurred on Mamore. A nuclear device was activated in the Haven Arcology, killing 2 million people and injuring 8.3 million. In response to this, the UNSC started operations in 2213. They were intended to crush any colonial dissent. Fighting broke out on Eridanus II, and all rebels on the planet were supporting the breakaway. The UNSC responded harshly, sending an entire fleet to dispatch the rebels. Minimal effort was needed, as they were disorganized compared to the UNSC. Survivors escaped to a nearby asteroid belt and went to Epsilon Eridani.

By 2224, deaths ranged up to 1 million, minus the Mamore terrorist attack. On Tribute, Marine forces were posted to stop bombmakers in the area. Later in the year, a disastrous hostage situation took place, leaving an entire ONI unit and all the civilians inside the structure dead. In 2225, a spaceport in Pirth City on Arcadia was the site of a terrorist attack. It killed 60 and injured 99 people. In Nairn of the same year, a luxury cruise liner by the name of National Holiday was leaving planet Reach, when 2 space taxis raced towards it. They ignored all docking commands and hails. The captain realized too late what was happening, and the taxis crashed into the side. It was torn in half from the force of the explosion. The captain calmly directed other ships out of the way, before the 2 halves plummeted down towards Reach and crashed. All 1583 people on board were killed.

By Mosha of 2225, UNSC soldiers raided a meeting between 12 Insurrectionist leaders. They were arrested or killed, and that ended the Insurrection. Despite this, there are still rebels devoted to the cause, with an unknown number left. Terrorist attacks dwindle, but still happen.


The Insurrectionists do not have a main uniform, including combat gear. Instead, they utilize whatever is available to them. The means for obtaining this clothing is usually stealing or scavenging, as they must stay under the radar. Civilians that support the rebels, however, will donate things to them.


  • Any Civilian, Law Enforcement, &/or Military Clothing [particularly flannel]

  • Most Footwear [particularly boots or heavy shoes]

  • Gloves [if possible]

  • Headwear [ski caps, berets, balaclavas, army caps, goggles, and glasses if possible]


The Insurrectionists steal any weapons they can, due to not being able to purchase them for the most part except from the black market. Weapon caches have been found hidden in various places, such as fields, holes, trees, and inside buildings. With the black market at an all-time high, it is not too hard for the insurgents to aquire them.

Insurrectionists [battle]

Dead Insurrectionist

Robert Watts

Various Insurrectionists

Ilsa Zane [left], Howard Graves [right]