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How to Get Involved in TCB Pt 1: The Civil Service

How to Suceed in Civil Service Without Really Trying (well...only a little)

What is the Civil Service and What Can I Do in it?

The Civil Service is an agency within the government that allows citizens to volunteer their time within the Bloc's government. Citizens can either apply on their citizenship application or if they declined to do so at the time, may reapply Linkhere. Depending upon the Ministry that the person chooses, they will be carrying out a specific set of duties that correspond to the duties of the ministry they work at. For example, if you work for the Information Ministry, you will probably be writing articles and news reports.

The Ministries and their functions are:

  • LinkMinistry of Culture (MoC): The Ministry of Culture/MoC, is the Ministry responsible for creating games, activities, roleplays, and regional events. It also assists in overseeing the regional university with the Ministry of Information, in which debates and articles on real-life topics can be published. The MoC usually holds offsite games such as Cards Against Humanity, voice chats, and more! Volunteers for this Ministry will most likely be assisting in spreading the word on these events or helping to hold them.

  • LinkMinistry of Defense (MoD): The Ministry of Defense is the only Ministry that is not a part of the Civil Service but is nonetheless worth mentioning. Its job is to ensure that the Bloc is secure and stable and to oversee the upkeep of the region's military, the Peoples Revolutionary Armed Forces. While not part of the Civil Service, people can assist the MoD by applying to join the PRAF, which can be done LinkEnlist here today!. In doing so, you can help to defend the Bloc and her leftist allies, and defeat right-wing reactionaries.

  • LinkMinistry of Domestic Affairs (MoDA): Has two main departments: Immigration and Housing. The Immigration Department of the MoDA handles the processing of citizen applications/immigration and is responsible for recruiting new members for the region. They also assist in getting the region more stamps, which can be used to send recruitment telegrams to attract new members. The Housing Department is responsible for overseeing the Bloc's free Social Housing Program, which gives any citizens who apply a special subforum that they can moderate and do what they wish with. Volunteers for the MoDA will most likely be assisting in processing citizenship applications or recruiting for the region.

  • LinkMinistry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the Bloc's diplomatic agency. It handles all interactions with foreign regions, sends ambassadors to the discords of other regions and allies, and informs the executive government on all foreign happenings. The MoFA has the vital role of ensuring that the Bloc is in a good place diplomatically, and works to maintain it's image abroad. Volunteers are most likely to become ambassadors for the Bloc and join other region's discords in order to interact with the locals and inform the MoFA on anything important going on there.

  • LinkMinistry of Information (MoI): The Ministry of Information is TCB's premier state news service. Its job is to keep the populace informed and up to date on all the happenings in the region. It is especially important in keeping tabs on all the political happenings and reporting on them. Volunteers are most likely going to become writers and reporters for the MoI, and will assist in writing articles for the Ministry's Daily News segment.

  • LinkMinistry of Justice (MoJ):: The Ministry of Justice is responsible for providing legal expertise to the executive government and to the legislature in times of crisis or during debates on bills. It also represents the Bloc's government in trials and prosecutions of criminals. Volunteers are likely to join the legal team and assist in providing legal counsel to the executive (if their knowledge of the law is enough).

Why Should I Apply?

So why would doing all this be so vital to becoming a part of the Bloc community? Why not just sit back and enjoy the discord shenanigans and the RMB debates? Well, there are a few reasons:

    (1) Applying for a Ministry is One of the Best Ways to Get Involved in Bloc Politics: If you want to get involved in government one day, and maybe even become Minister then volunteering is a must. Ministers are usually drawn from the ranks of the Civil Service, and from those who exhibit great expertise in their area of volunteering. Essentially, if you do the job long enough and well enough, you're bound to become a Minister eventually. It also allows newcomers to politics to get their feet wet and learn all about how the government functions on a daily basis. After all, if you want to be at the top, you must start at the mailroom.

    (2) Joining a Ministry Can Help You To Run For Office: If and when you become interested in an elected position, it's good to have already contributed in some way to the Bloc's political scene. While we love having new people in government, we have to make sure that they are proven and responsible.

    (3) Volunteering Will Help You to Make Friends and Yourself Known: Volunteering will also give you an instant set of interactions. Volunteers often become quite friendly with their Ministers, and usually, develop strong bonds with them that can help to propel them forward in politics and in the community. After all, nothing is cooler than an official knowing your name.

How to Apply and What to do After?

Applying for a Ministry is quite a simple process, all one has to do is either sign up in their citizen application or sign up on the forums afterward. People usually get to pick which Ministry they want to volunteer for, and those without a preference will be placed where needed.

Once you have applied, some words of advice, stay as active and reachable as possible. Showing commitment and activity is a surefire way to becoming a minister one day in your own right. All you have to do is always do what they ask, and to then some. Don't always wait for your minister to ask you for something. Taking the initiative to get something done or something extra done is a good way to becoming more noted in the Bloc. Besides, no one likes to have volunteers who slack off and ignore their duties, and nothing infuriates a Minister more than a person who applies, volunteers for a tad, and then disappears without a trace.

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