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FNF | Guide to Obtaining Citizenship

Master DispatchObtaining Citizenship

Obtaining Citizenship

In order to partake in the Citizens' Assembly and vote, you must become a Citizen. There are three ways you can do so:

1. Move your WA Nation into Hive and endorse our Chief Protector A Puppet of My Nation
This is the fastest and easiest way to gain citizenship and helps strengthen and secure the Federation.

1. Go to Settings and fill in your email address. (skip if you have done this already)

2. Go to World Assembly and click on "Apply to Join".

3. You will receive a confirmation email from World Assembly on the email address you have given. Click on the link given in that email.

4. Click on 'Confirm: Join World Assembly'.

Note: DON'T Keep More than one nation in World Assembly.

1. Click on the link to any nation that is a member of the World Assembly, such as My Nation.

2. Click on the "Endorse [NATION NAME]" button.

2. Join the Free Nations Defense Association. The Regional Military of the Free Nations Region.
This is the LinkFNDA Application. You can contact the FNDA Director, South Asians for more information.

3. Join Linkthe Free Nations Federation Discord Server and fill the Citizenship Application in the #citizenship-booth channel.
It might take 24-72 hours for your application to be accepted.

Upon completing one of the above, you will have become a Citizen, granting you full rights in The Free Nations Federation.

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